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i can MY and Helmer RP eds Forensic Analysis of the

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rise to unwanted peaks in the spectral data. In the case

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ridges renders the fingers more efficient in gripping

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teries producing transient cerebral ischemia and un

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reliable facts regarding the case. Finally it may pro

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undertaken in each serious and major crime. Experi

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examination. If only a small number of fibers is found

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forensic genetics as it is currently applied by most

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explains why legal medicine has been more successfully

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bing and chopping lesions. Cutting lesions of bone are

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common for the two lower middle front teeth to appear through tlie

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fly larvae present at the scene must have access to

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caused by intrusion of various vehicle parts into the

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scientific analysis and deference to the views of its

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population substructuring seems to be more severe in

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position implies that the oldest evidence is deposited

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the increasing availability of sensitive bench top mass

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In all skeletal assessments it is important to remem

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diagnosis is generally reached after postmortem ex

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tracks 2 and 3 it signals the end of the PAN and the

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rules exist it is sometimes more convenient to have

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the consequent variety of incompatible recording sys

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thropological views regarding the identification of

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fingerprint detection. Other milestones in this catego

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their activity and presence in the body. They may be

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