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PAINTS AND COATINGS Commercial Domestic and Automotive 1143

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strategies may assist the acceptance of the program by

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fingerprint impressions for preservation and identifi

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ly one third of all unnatural deaths have evidence of

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tive psychologists have consequently been active in

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blows of the fist or blunt instruments. Their location

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adequate diagnosis. If the event is not to be repeated

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which may also occur in adults. The causative organ

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be applied to analytical results there is little point in

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the investigators. Appropriate protective clothing and

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Instruments such as the Barringer lonscan are in their

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stressed that these procedures are best carried out

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tute for flax. The main commercial uses of hemp are in

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difficult to achieve. The alkyl nitrites which cause

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tification and documentation. Infrared and ultraviolet

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microfibers. These show the same overall pattern of

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much increase the speed of the firefighting activities.

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understands the significance of the conjunction of the

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describe exactly how two similar individuals differ.

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section deals with chemical tests that are often used or

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hit by the weapon Fig. 8. By placing the hands on the

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nondiscrete RFLP tests. However the early tests had

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although in practice it is the juxtaposition between

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While it is undoubtedly true that people do pick up

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they do not also greatly increase the probability of

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sisted of 90 forensic scientists in the Michigan State

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and typically that motive is intrinsic to each indi

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to circumvent. Its purpose is to guarantee a high level of quality and

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graph which has such a damaging effect on the result

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Therefore if not completely fresh a bone is generally

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