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thyroidea. Dr. IMarine, replying a few days ago from Vienna to a

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he deals mechanically. Later the internist sees the same case and

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condition was much improved but there was an intermittent faecal fistula.

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pearances of the blood ;'* ' morbid condition of the blood ;'f

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altogether missing in cases of measles, typhoid fever, influenza, tuberculosis,

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there remained a constipated state of bowels, and a vomit-

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thirteen, six of which proved fatal. The disease continued

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In llKKi she received an injury (?) to the back, from which she was confined

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intracranial tension. Surg. Gynec. 4' Obst., 1921, 33, 126.

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Pox. With an Appendix or Cases and Facts. By John Conolly, M. D. 8vo. pp.

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The general characteristics of this disease picture are now quite

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formation of which last is explained on entirely New Principles ; Re-

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radially arranged, with clubbed peripheral elements, somewhat

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to use the thread as a guide. A baby eighteen months old with an

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in the description of his own attack, refers to his excessive salivation. Happ

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of this syndrome. Under hospital discipline the hysterical manifestations

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This tumour could not be seen on account of the locked jaw*

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Case 85. — C. L. V., a well-marked tabetic, who had symptoms for about

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with a mild stimulus a much more extensive reaction may be obtained. In

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Lereboullet, Marie, and Brizard, examined Schick's reaction in 110 cases

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etc., with regularity. On January 14, red cells, 5,100,000; hemoglobin,

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ischaemic necrosis, and later by inflammation. According to the author the

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excess of urinary indican or ethereal sulphates favors the diagnosis

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significant of a certain amount of auto-intoxication, but our experi-

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plained of severe pain in the middle of the abdomen. When seen fifteen

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part of this paper the writer quoted the classification of the cases

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case histories of private patients examined by my father or myself

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some compromise that shall satisfy, after a fashion, the demands

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madness, fall suddenly into a condition of dullness and torpidity

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palpable. The tonsils were enlarged. On October 10 a von

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Weiss' urokromogenx-eaktion ? [B.] [Should the diazo reaction as a clinical

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were obtained in 274 or in 45 per cent. A positive Wassermann reaction

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of redaction of chlorides on the gastric juice.] Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol., 1921,

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EnghofF's records of several cases of herpes zoster are discussed with

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pass off and no distension take place. The frequent failure of

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manner in which the bacteria liberate their fatty acids into the medium,

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the stomach being markedly increased. Dr. Boyd operated on the patient

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and black in colour. The change was due to torsion, the gall-bladder having

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' I distinguish Ixitween unconscious and subconscious in that the former (accord-

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