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cattle ranches. With my telephone I can converse with patients

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maniacal raging when the cage was approached altho when out for exercise

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To each group belong still bom infants as well as those bom

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quantity to cover the child up to the neck. After un

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that there had been a vehement struggle in which the defendant

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Professor of Anatomy that it has proved a convenient prompt

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prompt and rapid purgation but at the same time as large and

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Distribution of Paratyphoid Cultures According to Acid Production.

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cal abstractions of blood have been often combined with this

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failed to produce endocarditis. One rabbit died of a pneumococcemia without peri

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of the greatest pathological writers of the present age still we

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resistance of the red blood cells to all hemolytic agents. On the other

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disease seems subdued. Salivation is not of such frequent occur

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known nor indeed ever heard of the milksickness prevailing where the

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well as Richter of Berlin would be highly interesting were it

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Woodfin 1878 suggests that the influence of dew is only apparent and

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the case be schirrus there is great danger of producing as many

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increase of healthy tissue and so little has been known of gen

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tions taken before the irradiation or with sections from the base of

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without any reference to Phrenology. They cannot but admit

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sentially a stage of the disease itself still in practice it should

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ted to the brain or its meninges a disease is developed more

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which we strongly recommend to our military medical readers and indeed

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meet exigencies with that correctness and confidence which are

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By invitation he attended the meeting of the British Medical

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M. Flourens read to the Academy of Sciences the result of

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occurred to me might be entirely secondary to and dependent

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ing Japan to come quickly for the Japs are rapidly emerging

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occasionally selects certain groups of muscles the spasmodic

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tract had been taken and during the year following this treatment there

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Pure Unadulterated and absolutely I ree from Fusel Oil is the only

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the worry of speculation and even more the unfortunately

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Mr. Neville has recently published a small but very well written volume

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So far then the united testimony often physicians of our city

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unmarried men alive for 48 married at 70 eleven bachelors for twenty seven

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those in which the organs of the propensities predominate over

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entitled to the credit of having composed the most learned and

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then h3rperplasia and l3mQLphocytes make their appearance. The

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Physicians have the best opportunities of observing and are

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cases of suppuration of the liver reported especially after surgi

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very dense suspensions of staphylococci were used. The possibility

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caution is that inflammation frequently springs up in the most debilitated

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inert as salt solution in its specific bacteriolytic power while the

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Tagc 592 line 26th erase the words every symptom of

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destroys the patient this symptom is important in the diagnosis as it is

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in the number of cultivable B. colt in different stools of the same

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fashion but for a due appreciation of the true changes probable

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twitchings of the limbs more particularly the fore legs less often the

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erally and very properly created a doubt in intelligent commu

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since one can see the contents which are being injected or the

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ply with respect to the presence or absence of this particular

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electric spark and repeated at intervals often or twelve seconds.

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we must know more of physiology relative to the association or

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to the walls of the abdomen he thought there were other cases

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hold in his hand. Admitting his statement to be true and judg

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tion per vainnam. the uterus appeared mueh enlarged and very

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calomel the soreness of abdomen unrelieved on the evening of

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tion an eruption appeared on the neck nucha chest and face

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were of the deep seated scirrhus form one of the fauces the

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The posture of a child is usually lateral. If a child is

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ceding season had he found with his patients so great a suscep

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vented whilst pain from unusual fulness attended at the points

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and containing the powerful disinfectant agents mecuric chlorides potassium per

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desire to rescue from starvation a child whose mother had died

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Lung Lesions. The lung lesions may be either caseous or puru

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fact that the deformity being in the first instance kept secret the

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experience have placed beyond all doubt that augmentation of the fluid and

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est kind such as water toast water gruel chicken water rice

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trious Bichat that if the mouth of an excretory duct be irritated

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attention and furnishes important information. The patient should be

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Nestle s being undeniably the first Milk Food manufactured the various

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igin from others of larger size. Some distribute themselves to

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animals suffering from trembles. Thus Elder 1874 refers to the

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well known patent medicines much of which had been used

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these readily yielded to the use of quinine after the gastric symp

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condition of the patient. When it occupies a considerable portion or the

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rapidly. There is no agent known in therapeutics that will

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plan herein detailed and with like success. My purpose in se

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some limitations as a therapeutic agent and well defined and

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gance convenience or comfort about their dwellings. Our coun

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pieces of pasture land in the Middle West remain to this day fenced

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er or less extent to the free transmission of blood to the extreme

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duced by the urethral caruncle for the time being is sometimes

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the India rubber cut in pieces upon these is poured the solvent

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mata. But that terrific scourge which has of late years called

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line and extended to an inch below the chin. A fine saw was

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or some commensurate evil will soon return. Now if we

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acid albumin somewhat impairs but by no means destroys its power

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they may be in their immediate effects they are connected with pathological

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fice nor does a similar condition always produce a similar discharge for an

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In these experiments healthy medium sized rabbits were used.

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such a striking illustration of the doctrine of Phrenology and ha

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Judge Cooler would render such legislation unconstitutional.

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to insanity and therefore to responsibility are by no means

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As to the proper explanation of the causation of the non specific

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of ethyl has any of the dangers of chloroform they are un

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accounted for when the relation of the pneumogastric nerve to

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of the operation required for the removal of his affliction and

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They have some peculiar superstitions and practice circumci

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under certain conditions are toxic for rabbits and guinea pigs the

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geon see him as I did not understand what caused his disturbed

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the first passages produced by excessive fullness in the beginning

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It so happened that the case was one of face presentation.

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near the boiling point and after being precipitated and reprecipitated

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of German physicians in Madgeburg held that this form of car

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pea of a gelatinous consistence and contained a liquid as limpid

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inflammation of tubercular origin in typhoid fever ulceration is

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reporting one hundred cases he says that these and many other

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mamnrue of the parotids but assumes the appearance of cutaneous cancers

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burnt bone as Carbo Animalis When where and by whom was

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tions. This is the circle of morbid actions. Thus says Southwood

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introducing. Here the Professor injected a very small quantity into the

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John H. aged 5 years had been healthy until quite recently.

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animals can well be explained by their greater natural immunity

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probably never enter the blood of a vertebrate but are transmitted

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comparatively flaccid tubes at their next diastole and that similar condi

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dant observation on these cases did not set the truth beyond dis

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predominating form alone was considered. It is quite certain that

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earnestly shunned. Each is pernicious and opens the way for

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people and are in duty bound to guard them jealously and to

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affected frictions oi strong mercurial ointment may be used.

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stal spaces were sensibly enlarged. Percussion of the lower

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ease. Whilst strangury involuntary urination pains in the di

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She mentioned this habit at its commencement to the physician

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curing prolapsus. Experience on this subject among physicians

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