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prepubertal years to puberty is able to describe any

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level. Others suggested a formal internship program

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Quantity It is better to collect excess material than

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gation involves many phases. Traditionally the for

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Certamly some other hedthy mother s bmst wiU be the next b t

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the art as new tools and techniques will continuously

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relative merits of the two explanations can be com

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ison of soils by automated scanning electron micro

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a little root or lump. Tbe name was given to the disease because

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Further analysis of the evidence may be required at a

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Figure 9 Counterfeit US 100 FRN security thread simulated


tamination can also be examined using these techni

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ples of text. But these bodies of material at present

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FINGERPRINTS DACTYLOSCOPY ldentification and Classification 871

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detection of transfers of evidence. The role of the

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linear regression analysis. This graphical solution

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tion further by filtering out interference from the

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debate as to whether one can determine if pregnancy

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support this approach is given in Table 1. The first of

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fication of an ink s volatile solid ingredients among

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ment mirrors closely the range found by doctors when

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Just as the elemental composition of a small particle

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also often be found in property crimes. Conversely

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spectroscopy is that specimens can easily be analyzed

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