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involvement of either side of the nasopharyngeal cavities seems
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few constitutions, blood-letting seems but to increase the irrita-
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great suffering and cruelty to the unforlunate horses.
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cases of intestinal obstruction. These interesting observations must
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general interest. This young man, aged twenty-six years, was,
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is present in a large proportion of cases of achylia gastrica. According
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At the meeting of the German Gynecological Society for 1888 {Cen-
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cardiac complications of eyestrain. It is a disturbed
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erable stress was placed upon this point in the case of
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here tliat the value of his experience will be appreciated
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The death-rates ranged from 9.7 in Nottingham to 24.7 in Liver-
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the use of potassium permanganate, it may be fairly assumed,
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additional appointments have been made since our last
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and union, as the main palladium of our liberty and prosperity.
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much as forty ounces of sugar are excreted in the urine in
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eruptive fevers, febricula, remittent fever, typhus and typhoid fever. Scarlet
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M. Ricord obtained thirty-five suffrages, M. Denonvilliers
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of foot-ball has manifested itself recently in the edito
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on "Doctors, Drugs, and the Devil." It is reported that he
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lieve ia the rest cure for tuberculous patients. They
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many societies, occupying the position of physician to the Masonic Widows'
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Chronic bronchitis in the ox is characterized by a persistent
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poral gyri. The posterior extremity of the angular gyrus, and
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counting the space occupied by illustrations. Articles which exceed in length twenty-five printed
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