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time decide between the two points of 100" and 105^,
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tuberous swelling can be felt which, on section, are found to be
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A new synthetic compound of this agent has been i^roduced in
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action of the heart during several 3'ears, there Innng no evidence of val-
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principles of health and liygiene does not seem to have
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largement left compared to it now. We now desire to
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the soft suppurating layer of granulations with the
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microscopically by Yon Buhl. The views of the author can be
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17. Sutherland DER. Moudry KC: Report of the International Pancreas Trans-
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phoresis, but this swelling soon entirely disappears by
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diate cause of the delirium is the exhaustion consequent on a defect of whole-
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Treatment, — Aspirin, 5 grains every three hours, often relieves the
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10. Oedema, which may result from the above condition, or from
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organism can be followed from its first invasion of the human host to its
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cholia, delusional insanity and mania may follow severe attacks of
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cally opposed to that of Koch — that infection most frequently
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hence he needs practice, to ensure him confidence, and certain success.
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Imbecility," Pediatrics, vol. v. No. 12, 1898. — 29. Thomson, John. "On the Dia-
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We have a fairly prompt and accurate reporting of cases of quarantin-
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d. Auges, Bresl., 1899, ii, 365-368. — Zicliuski (E. \V.),
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is of uncertain value, and in the face of positive symptoms carries little
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Ueber die centralen Slorungen der wiUkiirlichen A ugen-
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17, 1879. — Taylor (J. M.) Method of siruping fruit iu
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to life, but occasionally it is one of the most dangerous of maladies.
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mind, — as a disposition to wander from home ; to rid himself
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florid complexions ; and 46.7 per cent, had a fleshy habit. 16, 65.4, 60, and 41
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10th he made a report to the Board of Health cure confidently expected. The case has been
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tive views on his method of treating patients, who have for many
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the late Census), the ratio of Deaths to Population, the Percentage of
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In referring to the great increase of blood-pressure following
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landers. Of the English-speaking countries, Australia has presented the
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Theory of a Method of Giving Heavy Deep X-Ray Treat-
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ance, soluble in water and insoluble in dilute hydrochloric acid,
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ren, of the febrile nettle rash, the urticaria febrilis
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merely a modified combination of the English Thomas splint

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