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black particulate material within the major airways

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relative amplitude and bandwidth of the formants are

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The analysis of biological samples for solvents and

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screening is routinely performed on pregnant females

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as hired guns. They thereby vilify not only their own

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impact became visible only when the inner aspect of

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Milne R and Bull R 1999 Investigative Interviewing

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can be used to identify the presence of potassium and

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If DNA analysis is nowadays accepted in all countries

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currently no definitive test for the positive identifica

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the collected specimens. Roots that were cut while the

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the ability to clean the nozzle it must be brushed clean

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is often expressed as the number of inches of barrel

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range wounds the longer the barrel length the denser

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they cannot be classified as such as the sample com

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for testing it is assumed that the mother is the bio

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Untreated hairs will be unaffected by the stain and

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this article to present and discuss the value of fiber

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established after 8 12 h remains unchanged for up to

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types of transfer traces. Some will no doubt argue that

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tances proposed as buffer zones are often larger than

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