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in detailbis theory of the circulation of the foetus, it was hoped
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Societe de Tkerapeutique stated that he had obtained very
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tinued, but to a much less extent than at last report, nor had
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rated from time to time. The obstruction may then gradually decrease
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the stomach. In arriving at the diagnosis of dyspepsia — that is, deter-
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seldom exceeding a year, and the deaths, thoqgh considered by the
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each to be more or less involved, it is evident that to account for an in-
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sometimes the efforts of the physician not only inadequate but prejudicial.
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cence ; in one case the peritonitis supervened on acute pleurisy, the patient
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The obstruction ija the bowels was found to arise from a large
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portion to the obliquity the ventricular contraction is slow. A vertical
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Transudations upon mucous surfaces, constituting fluxes, will be con-
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open and variable climate of our country. Topical depletion,
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gregate system of discipline was in use. The commission was
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of the vessel at the seat of the thrombosis. The diminution of the calibre
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lasted for twent3'-six 3'ears, and the patient, at the end of this period, was
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direct observation by means of the ophthalmoscope. In a patient who
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be considerably advanced, and, as a rule, a cold climate is better suited to
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tory of acute pleuritis are sufficiently characteristic to point to the exist-
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abdomen with but little inconvenience ; but the tympanitis con-
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or pustule with yellow deposit on its edges, occurring several weeks
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with untiring zeal and energy, delivering six lectures weekly upon
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length, when the accumulation has reached a certain point, its poisonous
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faction, as they were soon rejected, and often had to be discon*

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