Using Differin For Acne

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string, a handkerchief, or any other piece of linen. An excellent means of
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public drinking cups in railway cars, ferry houses,
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thesia as well as itching : R. — Camphor, gss ; emplast. plumbii, giij ;
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stomach — that is, the normal stomach— because in
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H.ATHAvv.w, Lew M., Captain, Medical Corps. Granted
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worse. Poor appetite ; weakness. Bowels are usually
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middle of October. On November loth we proceeded to extirpate the
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service of the United States, to take effect September
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ciples should govern these cases from those which experience has recom-
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erated by this region. Frictions with sapo mollis, painting with liquor
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1. The patient is placed in the gynecological position, in such a manner
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ceding deliberation that the so called primary form
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cases of chronic gout, some of w^hich passed through acute attacks of arth-
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tism, which was complicated by cardiac disease, and she had been troubled
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ten to fifteen per cent.," are these teachers a possi-
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to the adjacent intestines. Constipation is also a symptom of importance,
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answer must be accompanied by the writer's full name and
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household as to food and drink used prior to illness,
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process, instead of in its broader application to the nerve-cell with its
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land divides the method of treatment into two cate-
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The liquid obtained by puncture was clear, straw-colored, and charged
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his final decision. In some cases, the suppliant is
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1. Tlie True Aim of a United Medical Profession and
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symptoms became rapidly worse and the temperature rose to 105° F. There
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gers connected with the use of such fabrics as flan-

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