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duces the strangulation at the internal abdominal ring by passing
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bv the daily application of some gently stimulating medicament.
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symptoms. One may also comment on the drawing of conclusions from
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to have her breast amputated without any pain w r hich should
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the guinea pigs injected with digested serum being sensitized for
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should be plated out on Hesse media to determine the presence of
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upper extremities or ether parts Indeed much less powers
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with care the seat the form the volume the consistence the sensibility
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hours had now elapsed since the occurrence of the accident. The patient
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less frequent. Hemorrhage from the bowels which if abundant speedily
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We should always bear in mind in such cases that the gen
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ity and observation it loses its charm and the medicine is doom
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Kamen found that filtrates of cultures from a surgical phlegmon were faintly
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The rabbit used in this experiment Table 13 had received
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not take place in certain pathological conditions in certain others it is very
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In proof of these statements we beg to submit the following chemical analyses
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nizance of at least live fatal eases of impeded respiration in which
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Medical and Surgical Journal for April 1836. we have the report
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But we may come nearer home. Mons. Bugard in Boston
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tation. For three wont lis she received four injections during
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and os frontis and nineteen and three fourth inches measuring
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trembles and both died. The cow which furnished the milk used by
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long forms several times longer than Crithidia have an undulating
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the peculiar coffee ground look said to be characteristic ot
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weakness of the heart due to faulty innervation of that organ.
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Mary Plunkett aged 26 years married a native of Ireland and has Jived
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Many continental countries have very rigid regulations on this
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immunity it should also be immune to the lytic action of serum from
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Dr. Southwood Smith Physician to the London Fever Hos
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The disease was brought more than once to the attention of early
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cerebellum in the arrangement of this system. The science
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the bacilli were washed by centrifuging before inoculation. But
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as always horizontal but when placed erect this peculiarity appears also
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In proof of these statements we beg to submit the following chemical analyses
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interesting and valuable works from Europe many of which
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escape. The strong arm of the doctor secured him and the
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way rubbed brandy on the chest abdomen head spine ex
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white cheesy lumps and curds. Intestinal catarrh causes
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there. In a large variety of bacilli and spores manipulated by this
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stagnate there. This can be constantly verified at the Salpe
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demanded by the patient and refused by the surge on the former declared
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the first attack. The ulceration proceeds from the ileum upwards. More
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In referring to the Indians he evidently forgets that bone is
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twentv five tins returned In Nestle s Food are combined all the best
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The above cases with others which might be cited every
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argument to suggest the term sy philo mania as applicable to this
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away. To test this I have removed the growth from an agar culture
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contract the disease in this manner. Specific instances of the causa
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introduced into that organ a catheter could be felt and guided
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stance a toxic material which is responsible for the symptoms of
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It has been thought by most of those whose attention I have
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inflammation of the mucous membranes has been in a great mea

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