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jurisdiction that the pathologist needs to be aware of
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rotated during production the striations created will
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might seem at first and it is even easier to work with
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having different calibers with the exception of the
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decision making activities for the crime scene. At a
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species and resulting differences bemeen them. Its use
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Kosa E 1989 Age estimation from the fetal skeleton. In
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power. This is problematic in that some markers may
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Kirk P 1940 Human hair studies 1. General considera
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illustrated in Fig. 2 the program is divided here into
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sciences. The ultimate aim of such an assessment is to
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morphologic characteristics of the ear are very well
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erties of light special filters and film emulsions avail
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oxygen to convert all of the fuel elements into gas
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be puncture crush and avulsion as illustrated in Fig. 4.
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stamp is released for sale as a first day cover on a
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being able to identify various drugs of abuse and their
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pling including the necessary control and reference
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made with the respective areas of the suspect shoe.
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taken not to miss smaller objects such as a ring or
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patterns with test fired patterns resulted in range of
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suspicion of drug toxicity. Even though many patho
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Whites the smallest dentition. Australian aborigines
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have the largest teeth of any living humans. However
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is bUwk hard and sweet There is also a Fluid Extract. Neither baa

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