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tion. Compounds with base ions at massicharge ratios

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aid in the examination of colored artificial fibers.

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and concise questions that the analysis is expected to

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ment during the 1970s because of a need to identify

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over surfaces which retain the impressions of one or

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Locard E 1930 The analysis of dust traces. American

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substances named are not identical in the two coun

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and enlarged natural size photographic prints of the

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sions in order to establish a positive identification.

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there are many difficulties inherent in such measure

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trainer s or owner s request. This is generally done in

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be done in such a fashion that the integrity of the

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bj any treatment Another serious affection of the blood is Ituhamia

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parts of the body it is likely that some teeth may have

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scene on the request of police. Typically staff attend

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enamel occlusal margins of incisor teeth among tailors

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a number of ganglia once called sympathetic a double row of

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of the trajectory is considerably reduced. As the wad

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analysis of physical evidence for cime investigation.

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Eor other loci such as EGA or D21S11 there are also

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black powder substitutes e.g. sulfurless black powder

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