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inent families came with him to this country at the same

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at the same time being hungry. When milk, the chief food of infants, is

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Vomiting of Pregnancy cured by the Ether Spray. —

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geon to the Roosevelt Hospital, and since 1914 he has been surgeon

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om, etc. Those homoeopathic medicines which produce changes

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The painful thirst, caused doubtless by the drainage of the

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phlogistics, because inflammation was at the bottom of all mor-

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the ConsuKiug Staff of the Hahnemann Hospital of New

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There are hardly any true complications of chlorosis. If other organic dis-

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" Under the above caption, Dr. C. A. Stewart of Chicago calls

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from Paris about 1885 that Professor Georges Apostoli was

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for nearly all the deforming diseases of childhood. His writings cover

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In the very rarest contingencies only an exception to this

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atrophy, marked by entire loss of appetite and great wasting.

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the drug. On p. 71 we find the following prescription : —

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Dr. Bartow was an active participant in organizing the Children's

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following paper. After listening to it, there followed a discus-

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York. In 1870 he became Clinical Professor of the diseases of children

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athy in 1879. 2 From this report, arranged chiefly by the chair-

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changes of shape that result from contact with hard soil

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the course of long circulation, rendering them very suitable for

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their attitude on these questions goes far to define their posi-

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But lest the details of the plan should have, in part at least,

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F.R.C.S., and V. D. Harris, M.D. New York: William Wood & Co., 1885.

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much good ivork. She is a teacher burn and bred; she

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he is interested, among which may b; mentioned several

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Stein. His father was a merchant of that place. Dr. Stein was edu-

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:• ;: rr birt a :>» ceTirnies and pointing out the stcck

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by the slightest contact, and in a far greater degree at the

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vulsions ceased, and respiration became more regular, but the

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careful and thorough physical examination, and have found that no factors

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loosen the capsule under the muscle from its attachments to the

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the part of alarmists. Yet there is always a large proportion of

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the sword-bayonet, the sabre-bayonet, the cavalry sword,

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any one to amuse him. When I first examined him, I noticed

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quite deaf for many years from inflammation of the middle ear,

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spective house-owner and to the practical sanitarian as of interest

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undefined limits. Sutures might be difficult to obtain, and

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Controlling Sex in Generation. By S. H. Terry. New York: Fowler &

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amlodipine torsemide carvedilol doxazosin pravastatin

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the direst diseases of women and children have a highly hopeful

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