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mitral valve develoj>s itself later in the course of the affection.

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forty -nine cases. It is, however, by no means a constant symp-

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is after all a little disappointing. It is not easy to draw any important

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second year and without definite record in the third year. ( >nly the

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balls and eyelids have been already described and so require no fur-

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vessels, and nerves of the neck did not cause cachexia thyreopriva.

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scarcely permit the passage of a lead pencil, quill, or sound ; or the

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of the pulse. This increased action shows itself first after excite-

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in its blood and produce phenomena of similar character and in similar

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for some time. After obtaining a suitable control tracing the drugs to

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murmur. He cites two cases observed by Frerichs in which such a

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line. The larger rupture was 5, the smaller 1^ cm. long. They both

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marked and not so definitely related to the maximum concentration of

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most stable moments, some deeper resemblances, truer explanations that

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makes itself manifest by increased impact, especially by more distinct

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level of the decussatio pyramidum. and contains in the dorsal funiculus the

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the milk diet and arterial relaxants, for I believe that the advance of

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and refill the bulb (Fig. 15). One cc. of the fluid was allowed to flow

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(eight months) has not reappeared, except for one other transient

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tating matter, and, though it may be retained for hours, it prevents

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chest), almost in midaxilla, in the fifth interspace. The cardiac dulness extended

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few hyaline and granular casts. On April 8 there was the slightest possible

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excitation wave either along the usual paths or at the usual rate

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acid-base relations of the body fluids ; a study of the chlorid excretion ;

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that in the more intense cases certain symptoms were universal or very

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epidemics, such variations appearing to depend partly upon particular

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" The valves of the veins belong, as is well known, to the class of

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compositions of the majority of chylous effusions support this view

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as the patient was to my knowledge subsequently treated by thyroid

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hospital for a period of eight years and has been during that time the

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mj'Xcedema. The disease may, however, commence later than in-

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was 0.634 gm. daily, or a total of 3.17 gm. The total nitrogen reten-

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to this sclerotic process as an important part of the changes about the

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were paroxysms of whistling breathing (inspiratory dyspnoea), then

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4. Lipemia and acidosis, which are such constantly concurring con-

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number of cases originating. In 1910 the mills were shut down at

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conditions, and not that theoretically possible, or attainable only under

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stated that this highly milled wheat flour began to be introduced about 1880.

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