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the observer's mind is the extreme irregularity of that rela-
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of the Paris Municipal Council it was decided to acquire a
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6. I will introduce a clause providing for the modification
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ceedings to be taken in conjunction with the Army authorities in connec-
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Harris is in itself of great weight. The results show one
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the nature of the change in our conceptions, and try to
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return from leave, is posted to Saharunpore District.
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ingested by the mouth, and then excreted by the bowel and
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that they were of opinion that reasonable precautions were
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opinion that for this very reason it should be withheld, as it
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mittee, Dr. W. V. M. Koch managed the affairs of the Trinidad Lep'^^r
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mission, quite as much as I did last year when I went to
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the most prominent citizens. The chief responsibility fcr
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reward more expeuces for tlieir healtli. but do ignorantly upon presump-
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lowed by short chapters on photomicrography and general
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seemed to irritate him, for he kept his eyes closed; there was
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embolus arising from a heart affected with ulcerative endo-
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of this passage from the Berlin Medical Papyrus (page 13).
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three months ending March last, but exceeded by 84 the corrected
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man. There is certainly no pletliora of such writing in the
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much inclined to remove as much of a traumatic lens
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or naval anthropology. We are inclined to think that, not-
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promise to be of great interest. The editor's desire is to
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Royal London ophthalmic, i/oio's o/ .4((e)(da)icf.— Daily, 9. Operation
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was believed, by General Oliver Newmarch. Their point was
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that often too little is given. The patient is not quite under;
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discharge had ceased. Dr. Boxall's remark that there were

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