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often the pulse can not be detected in the extremities. It may not be
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marked at the periphery of the lung. The changes that take place in the
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be found abrc;'.st with the present position of conservative scientific medi-
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and compressible, sometimes dicrotic. The mind is clear. There is nothing
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walls of the aneurism. The pulsation imparted to the hand is like that
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gall-stones induce the dilatation, it is better than when it is due to external
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that this class of patients should make a permanent residence in a warm
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local inflammations. Cohnheim calls it a miasmatic contagious disease. The idea of its being a specific
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livid amid unfavorable hygienic surroundings. The bright, educated and
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sometimes 30 in a minute. The ** feel " of the pulse is as if the arteries
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degrees, and the pulse diminishes fifteen or twenty beats in frequency, some-
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vessels so that no obstruction is offered to the outgoing current. At the
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and treat as far as possible the complications ; third, to attend to the gen-
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ertion ; they suffer from paroxysms of dyspnoea after physical exercise.
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sequestration of the bodies of the vertebrae and abscess formation.
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2. 'Middle-aged, because of organic, spasmodic, or congestive stric-
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tion, or the knee may be used as a fulcrum, against the upper part of the
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A. Meningocele, which consists of a protrusion of the dura mater
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able to sustain prolonged physical exertion without great exhaustion, and
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ness, and congestion and inflammation follow. If the part has been
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recommended .where old sections, kept in impure alcohol, are dealt with.
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over the head of the first metatarsal bone occasions a condition called
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the cavity from which the diseased bone has been removed should be
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posed to either one of these contagions, one will be able to make a diag-
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anterior border of the spleen is so distinct that it at once indicates the
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Compound fractures are those which are attended by a wound of
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risy. Vocal fremitus is diminished or absent in pleurisy with effusion,
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comes on prior to delivery or during puerperal convalescence. The paren-
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in sea air. Sea air is better suited than mountain air lo those who can-

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