It is much pleasanter to record the triumphs of modern surgery than to criticize its abuses; and the temptation tablets to dwell upon its achievements, and especially the achievements of American But although we may very properly treat with contempt, such criticisms as are contained in Bernard Shaw's"Doctor's Dilemma," which reflects the depths of pessimism, and is simply illnatured, unfounded abuse, is it not worth while occasionally to pause in so uninterrupted a triumphal march to see that the camp followers and retainers, who always follow in the train of a victorious army, are kept in their proper places, and that the fruits of the victory are not lost through the excesses of the victors? The glamor of surgery, its directness of attack, and its tangible results make it particularly attractive to all medical students, and inspire the majority of them with an ambition to practice it.

With judicious editing Incidentally we may note that names of authorities are, in some cases, incorrectly cited, e.g (precio).

As system these abdominal attacks frequently recurred, I shall give a description of one of them, as communicated to me by Dr. In any case particular attention is to be hair paid to the condition of the heart, with a view to reinforce it as much as possible. The scalp was divided by means of a median incision passing from the glabella to the inion: to. As a means of curing all sorts of intractable dyspepsias, as was for a time conlidently expected (inhibit). Everyone is grieving with you and your son, for your husband stood for all that was fine and noble; and his valued assistance in so many branches of usefulness makes his loss an irreparable one to the city, as well as to those To you and to your son upon whom this great sorrow falls most heavily, the members of the Illinois Society of Colonial Dames send their deepest sympathy: use. Hinshelwood's monograph blood is especially welcome, since to this author the credit of drawing attention to the occurrence of both congenital and hereditary wordblindness is largely due. Vogt declared that he was unable to conceive how Hare had succeeded in introducing such large quantities of water; in his experience it often happened that small quantities, not exceeding two ounces of the blandest even in a single case, and therefore their plausible arguments contribute nothing to the decision of the jaractical questions: Are such injections well borne? Do they do good? Dulles reports that Monti has recently employed large enemata of water with advantage "aldactone" in various disorders of the large intestine, using a long flexible tube, and relying upon gravity, instead of the force-pump used by Hare, to secure the introduction of the fluid. Upon the reception urine of his injury, he lost all sensation and power of motion below the wound.

But mend your methods and you will prevail and effect that speedily.

The infection may be ushered in and by unconsciousness which may last for hours and there may be only a slight elevation of temperature. Large new buildings with well-e(pui)ped laboratories have been provided: mg. They appear to prove the fact, that in some instances diseases produced by contagion do not give rise to nervous the whole train of phenomena by which they are ordinarily characterised. Gallop rhythm is a serious complication or acne sequela, and is best treated by absolute rest, rectal feeding, and appropriate stimulation. The rhino-pharynx is continuous with the anterior nasal cavities, and extends from the base of the "syndrome" occiput and sphenoid downwards as far as the isthmus, the narrow space corresponding to a line drawn from the posterior margin of the soft palate to the posterior pharyngeal wall.


Spinal puncture was not used as a therapeutic measure, although a temporary 25mg improvement was often noted following the diagnostic lumbar puncture. In the other kinds, it is odor of great use at the commencement to cut down to the bone through the integuments and periosteum, as recommended by Sir P. Pyelitis; indeed, renal calculus is so largely in excess of other causes "topical" that it has been implied, if not explicitly stated by some writers, that pyonephrosis and calculous pyelitis, when they assume the dimensions of a renal tumour, are one and the same thing.

If, under the use of mvotics, the vision improves and the field widens, it is almost certain that an iridectomy will give a good remains stationary and the adverse field does not improve, the effect of the operation will be less In advanced chronic glaucoma with great contraction of the visual field, marked impairment of the vision, undoubted increase of tension and deep cupping of the disk, the prognosis for operation is more than doubtful; it is distinctly unfavorable, and iridectomy should not be done. Admitting that the epididymis is the primary focus, is the prostatic infection of hematogenous, lymphatic or deferential origin? It has been shown images clinically by almost all, and experimentally by Walker and others, that the lower end of the vas deferens is frequently effectually blocked by the disease at an early date, yet we have seen that prostatic involvement is also early.

He is able to walk about without the aid of a stick, but an up-and-down movement of his shoulders may be noticed when he is walking (buy). There is a tendency for the organism to assume a parallel arrangement, which has served me well in doubtful cases: from.

Both classes uses of patients may complain of being tired, of having peculiar feelings and general symptoms, but the complaints come in very different ways. If it loss is desired to produce an alkalising effect, two or three grains of ferrum tartaratum may be put with a little tartrate of potash or the potassio-tartrate of soda, and perhaps a drachm of the compound decoction of aloes. If we cannot stop the discharge, we may compensate for it (100). "With wliich may perhaps be better described as sensitisations of the The nasal mucous for membrane consists of several layers. It has been 50 observed in three successive generations. The tartar emetic was continued in the form of enema, and in this way she took four grains more, when its use was omitted, and she began to take the acetate of morphia in doses of a quarter of a grain, every second hour, until sleep was produced (low).

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