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administration of chloroform to three out of five successive cats

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prising all the schools in the metropolis. Each school would send

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developing too fast to please nature Employing Duncan s

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times small areas are thus found devoid of coloring

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Lui Aur. Quelques observations sur le developpement histologique

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chronic Bright s disease and nervous strain but it is difficult to

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with the other students at a medical college in Buffalo where

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scribed Bell and Podophyllum. Seemed better for a few days. Then

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therapy represents a direct attack on the underlying cause of the disorder

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when I contributed a paper on it to the Medico Chirurgical Society of

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in cases of any moment troublesome and discouraging to patients un

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lished a thesis on the Use and abuse of blood letting. He practiced

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Table Use of Nonaffiliated Station Hospital Units Activated During

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of a chorionepithelioma. These are seen chiefly in the anterior

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with since the introduction of artificial manures and that it is

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bodies. We shall find it I think a force with which a

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symptoms may be much less striking. Often especially. in sporadic

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ing a case of phthisis the sputa should invariably be

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many subsequent observations in practice during a period

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not been done before as he found the intestines adherent to

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nerves imbibe moisture not through the absorption of water

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the subject of revising the By laws of the Society have

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tho experiments of M. Brown S juard on the inhibitory ef

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and despondency in short all possible signs of a sickly

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depression agranulocytosis and leukopenia. A voriety of miscellaneous adverse

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infection. Pressat who had charge of malarial prophylaxis states

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which the hernia could not be reduced under chloroform. If it

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four times as wide as in the quiescent condition except just at their

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titles under which the author stateg that general catarrh of the

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tageously be rubbed should the general indications call for it. Those

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