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of staying at home, and many of them rarely if ever leave the house
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This combination is much less frequent because of the predomi-
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open to various criticisms, which preclude drawing definite conclu-
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The development of the heart thrombus together with the process
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The vesicles on the surface were shown to be connected with the
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* From the Medical Clinic of the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston.
report of the cases, the treatment and the theoretical considerations
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in amplitude, then, seemed to be purely secondary to the marked
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but do not appear to be suitable, though the passive mechanical ex-
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of the experiments, in which, with the exception of chicken egg, the
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which, remaining in the tissues, assume forms difficult to distinguish morpho-
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with different instruments, the propriety of this is more than ques-
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discharged from the hospital. On December 22 the third treatment was given
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We may therefore conclude that in this group of cases the marked
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her death with pellagra. She has a daughter who has no skin trouble,
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Iodide of potassium was given in doses increasing to thirty-six grains
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valve flaps. This sinuously bulged section of the vein wall placed
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follicle may be represented only by a mass of cells occupying its
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The method of making cuts in the heart beating in situ has been
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the auxiliary sciences . in their secret channels under the foundations
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swelling was very distinct in the face. The speech was more rapid
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tion between the lymphocytes of the blood and many diverse types of wander-
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56. Herzen : Societe vaudoise de Medecine, December 1, 1888.
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the treatment on March 26 the spinal fluid cell count was positive with 0.6 c.c.
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The prognosis of permanent tachycardia is always serious, as it
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evidence of disease and the heart sounds are not heard to deviate
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aged forty, who suffered from right frontal headache, photophobia,
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This is also true of phosphorus, in which the retention reached 23.7
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ing agent of the coagulation of the fibrin. The leucocytes succes-
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In the senile form of systemic arteritis medicinal treatment is in
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and tin- secondary carcinosis of the peritoneum. The mesentery ami
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sorption of the juice of the grafted thyroid gland by the tissues of
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group for consideration. Their behavior during the fifth year of the
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is possible that the somewhat exposed position of the coronary sinus
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almost general, though the cases ascribed to localities other than Illi-
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the patient. If it be the lower limb which is affected it is held in a
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bile pigment in the urine. This is the method we always employ when
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dissociation appeared after a period of administration of digitalis, dis-
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year (Table 10), sixty-two had their onset in 1913 and notes for the

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