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boy four years old. His mother said he had convulsions when

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Within a few months past a gentleman connected with the

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over some live coals on the hearth. The thumb was entirely

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of the right ovary. The left ovary was a little tender. She was

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being in use. M. Andral establishes the conclusion that this dis

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and anodyne properties combined it acts with gt ut debilitating.

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with reference to the changes they undergo by disease of the

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to exist and the uterus generally lower down than natural with

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proved successful and the patient has received a cup of strong

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all others that are seldom seen. Just what causes the ovum to make

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twelve cases although we must take this statement with the customary al

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HYDRASTIA crystallizing in white prismatic forms and insoluble in water.

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those which declare an increased fulness of blood which must

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books of the State since its admission. The Board of Health

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marigold. Euphorbia esula spurge Aethusa cynapium fooFs

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Nature however does not seem to have any where presented

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to the remedial management of all or nearly all diseases and to

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of fecal bacteria or favors equally the multiplication of those species

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previous note. A number of lice from normal rats were examined

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the tumours made their appearance and becoming united they

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family consisting of the same number of persons and perpetua

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the leukocytes themselves or on the serum the following experiment

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language of disappointment and defeat. Our appeal to the public for its patronage

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ate separation of the cobnies into four kinds according to reaction

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the list. If they do that may be accepted as an assurance that

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ing them character and novelty of appearance. Let it not be

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month the names of those from whom we have received money.

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an extent proportionate with the nature of the lesion a rigid an

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charter or at least bringing it into disrepute with the authorities

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signal success. The remedy should of course always be applied

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Distribution of B lactimorbi The striking and somewhat

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last cataract operations in which its application was needed for

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does not affect its specificity but partially digested serum is more

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cocaine applied to the conjunctiva of the eye produces complete anaesthesia of that

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and generally blights the very qualities and dispositions which it

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whilst we are unable to boast an extent of observation equal to

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spoken in the expression of his opinions generous in his acknow

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the navel ring and this with the assistance of the lumbricoids

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sent. We hold that the proper time for correcting abuses is

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nated to some extent by using a large number of animals. Over 160

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hemorrhage has ceased there is no advantage in continuing the

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