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affection. I became much attached to them regarding and

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be used as an indicator of the amount of lecithin present in various

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argued that the inflanmiatory tissue in such cases has also undergone

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ing and if the band of opposing fibres does not yield readily

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in the laboratory and a very satisfactory result obtained.

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ditis which was used because it was especially adaptable for the work.

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The table shows that of the 12 cases two would have been missed

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attach themselves to the valve because of increased viscidity as well

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filled with bacilli which show only slight evidence of digestion. Un

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pulse. Death ensued on the fifteenth day after the operation.

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siderably more than a pint. Child bore it well. Cried hearti

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vileged to extend the examination further. On opening the skull

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positively that it exists until the patient is nearly exhausted.

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stools and under some conditions are very numerous.

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cians must devise every plan and move every enterprize for its

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from a healthy condition of the functions of the bowels the most

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unfortunate that a guinea pig was not inoculated from this animal

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company a married daughter of my patient an intelligent lady

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gularities are avoided in various dry and moist tetters by Goupil Coster

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one s reach. But when they are we are not always disposed to

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disease liable to be produced by drinking hydrant water and

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in ordinary inflammation they must be modified in the same

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denly during a momentary absence of his nurse. Autopsic ex

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CEg In corresponding with Advertisers please he s ure and mention this Journal.

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Gg Samples of any of the above Preparations Free. Mention this Journal.

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delirium wakeful quiet with illusions of sight or with such

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counter extension bandage was necessarily retained in use to

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ties may enter the peripheral tissues and being carried along

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Immimr dctbrinalcd blood from recovered rabbits varying amounts.

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As is well known the ovule set free by the rupture of the

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patient is unable to stand up feed himself or save him

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tish and Foreign Review. Annali Universali di Medicina.

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poses amp c. But there is an avaricious disposition in most men

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recovery resulted. I have also had one case of chorea from

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scope the process of solution of the bacilli in normal sera could be

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skeptical as to their utility. A solution that is strong enough to

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faculties. Take it which way we will the accountability is

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of coipplement deflection occurs in the bactericidal action of

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the power of gravity alone. M. Hanius has proven the correct

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in any other form and it is earnestly hoped that the College of

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which attracted notice from their severity and it is undoubtedly true

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What better use what more profitable appropriation could

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evidence In the month of July last about twenty of the boarders in

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Owing to the different degrees to which digestion and absorption have

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completely stops towards the contracted pyloric portion turning round in the

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and England for efficiency in the treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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As is well known normal rabbit serum is usually slightly hemolytic

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bility purity of Ingredients and coating and beauty of finish.

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and the strongest sympathies with the organs generally inso

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the production of antitoxin show widely different reactions. It

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a miniature representation of the former. And as the womb is

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pletely remove the disgust for food. The following cases are

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when appl ed for prolapsus uteri. The statements made by the

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tion of mercurial or other medicines according to the dictates

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ted in fact divided into so many sections that evervone could

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large initial doses for comparison or for furnishing inoculation mate

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the predominance of serious affections of other organs arising in

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purely theoretical nature. It is apparently the first case of a constant

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ulcer of the mucous margin of the right side of lower lip very

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There is a morbid something in these diseases which shows

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which has been used as a remedy in consumption. M. Lombard asserts

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of the parts deriving nerves from a diseased portion of the spi

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bv the devitalized air. but contaminate each other in other

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in the State neither had there been any such law on the statute

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es in which the menses were somewhat retarded the discharge is also

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surprising that the symptoms which characterize bilious pneu

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The others differing with Dr. White and thinking it impractica

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structions of pessaries particularly such as they had never seen

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machine through which it has passed. This is a very beautiful

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to a lymphoid infiltration about the arterioles the hair follicles and

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calomel morphine in 1 8 gr. doses every two hours during the

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ing he performs the same manipulation but with greater facili

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disease and death for this instrument supplies the place of the

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The greater frequency of involvement of the mitral and tricuspid

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gut contained a few round wonns and much sticky mucus there were no

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Carbonate of soda was administered in doses of 10 grains every

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more marked and more extensive than later on. After

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ous process of stewing or boiling human beings alive and will

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still of some interest. From a numerical comparison the author found that

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circulation was then abandoned and the remainder of the experiments

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From my own experience in uterine diseases I doubt if simple

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inoculated with 5. typhosus sealed and returned to tubes of broth.

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the sensuous delights which it affords are so generally regarded

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ation. It is so far in advance of the Ermdsions and all

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without due caution afford to practitioners whereby they may

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pared with any other period anterior to teething I do not believe

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the umbilical region which however was always speedily relieved by lauda

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Containing Representations of the Leading Forms of Plant Life with Practical

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country from disunion and guided its destinies for so many

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still susceptible to the serum of a normal person. This reciprocal

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pose of producing a general irritation of the relaxed and debilita

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On Gancrren of the Lungs in the Insane By J. Guislun M.

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clivity is apt to grow more and more pronounced there is reason

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reaction. Not infrequently the period of greatest leucocytosis was

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Horse I. Brown gelding five years of age thoroughbred running stock appetite

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of 50 million heated homologous cocci. The opsonic index for the

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of distances or the size of objects were reaclung their hands to catch

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arrest or tell us of the asceptic treatment adopted vide

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aorta through its whole extent in the chest this operation is generally

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they are inflammatory in nature. One must consider the possibility

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Treatment consists in the administration of opium in

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cases do sometimes present themselves in which this treatment is

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connected with the clitoris it may be that they enhance the ve

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the introduction of air and repeat the operation until the water

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contemplating the seat and extent of this injury it will be seen

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ed. He complained of great pain in the back intolerable head

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saline medicines directly into the blood. It is thus proven most

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Entered at the Poet Office Boston as second class matter.

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second during the six years of Dr. Dent s practice no law or

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dependent Spring and the Surgeons Truss be combined with

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suddenly experiences the sensation of the globus hystericus

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affected with milksickness. In dogs for example a tendency to

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such cases not to introduce the speculum too large nor with too

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line as tjiey arc divided the uterine fibres retract. The uterine

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and polynuclear leukocytes and beyond greater numbers of these cells are located.

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synonym for nitrogen fixation

ening of the gastric mucous membrane occurred in fourteen cases. But we

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The Use of Strychnia in Erysipelas. One other thing I

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hand into the vagina the better to explore it neither could in

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Noma is usually fatal and fortunately rare. The ulcer

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American Medical Association April 25 1885 in which after

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ficient to enable me to assert from observation that metastases

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factors also undoubtedly come in. The dose therefore for organ

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of this disease will be considered more fully in another connection.

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until the love of liberty becomes lost in the admiration of the

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tion as I have seen it obliterate the pulse entirely and confirm

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and care attained. He must renounce inglorious indolence and

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medical science. We will hope that a new effort will be made

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anaerobes namely B. edematis maligni and B. anthracis symptoma

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It might be deemed superfluous to advert to this as too elemen

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come by careful em unification and the addition of half a drachm

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This female about middle age was admitted about three

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