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Graduates will be eligible for the Board of Registry
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pellagra ; and, as being the first medical work we have seen
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requip lp 12 mg
diphtheria. Arctic explorers exposed to all the condi-
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establishment of an international conference, to be held at Constan-
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the patient's condition warrants it. As a therapeutic ,
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decks as they pass along, is never manifested among fellow passengers from
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is now unconscious, but presently can be aroused, though
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ral bleeding should be preferred either to leeching or cupping, it should be
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the answer has been given in the affirmative, and a mechanical
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during which the process is carried on, the comparative purity x>f
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elephantiasis of the scrotum, which he believes has not been
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if the obstruction and consequent cause of the hyy^artrophy be more remote than
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quent stools. This increased in tlie morning, and he was drowsy and
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and barking." Among other remedies, morphia was tried subcuta-
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other, and not that it belongs to the arsenic naturally found in the bones.
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Dr. Pavy writes on gastric erosion, that somewhat unac-
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blood. Whence was this colour] probably from a small quantity of blood being
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ideal metabolic rate appears to be in the neighbor-
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he considers as varieties of phlegmon of the iliac fossae, true
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bites previously to the occurrence of a fever, had been so subjected afterwards.
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The medical schools of Tennessee are not lagging in this movement.
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dited. Symptoms of poison are never so rapidly evinced from the
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near losing his life from hemorrhage after the separation of the ligature.
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England opium occupies the first rank in the accidental,
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if dreaming existed ; and Tonatt noticed that in tiie dog if the sleep was disturbed
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possibly exhibit with some accuracy the number of lunatics who
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Bihle ; but in order to meet the possibility betimes, before any trace
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them to be of inflammatory origin, and seems to agree with Dr. Wise in consi-
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detected in the blood or in the organs of the animal economy, ivith ivhich
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which was put over the whole foot and leg: at evening sol. sulph. morph.
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rior and posterior columns are respectively and exclusively motor and sensitive,

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