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serve gunshot residues the pathologist is informed of
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be disturbed in removal of the clothing or transport of
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estimation is seriously limited by the size of the target.
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have a decreasing frequency of stutter bands. The use
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the list. People from all over the world can participate
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even broader range of evidence types to be examined
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risk is inevitable. Rather the presence of a predictor
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ents of an ink formula or to select a solvent suitable
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EVIDENCE Statistical Interpretation of Evidence Bayesian Analysis 721
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face but also in traffic accidents and physical child
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nabon. There is also an Iron Alum in which likewise. Ammonium
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length of the bolt enters the cranial cavity. Analogous
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paper bags be used rather than plastic as the hands
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of the fingerprint science and the role it plays in the
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sion persists for less than 4 5 min and it has been
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that the collection of peripheral blood reduces the
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ill inliuHT. i it of tlmr nervou.s systems ami oftt die
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advised sometimes for tetanus lock jaw and to promote the induction
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cardiac arrest. Alternatively direct cardiotoxicity is a
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person may well be consistent with the skull in ques
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trator than if some other person is the perpetrator.
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of similarities and or differences in all comparable
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Eackler ML and Riddick L 1996 Clinicians inadequate
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result in fuel or hydraulic fluid being sprayed over a

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