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pleasure to read the six pages that are devoted to the develop-
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ordinary and forced inspiration, and I think most modern practical, not
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that by the seventh day the rectal feeding can be discontinued unless
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medication. Insufflations of the mercurial, 1 : 20, 1 : 10, in purulent dis-
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not present at all or else merely alimentary. The reduction of
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ure, this being the antithesis of agoraphobia, though closely allied to it
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somewhat thickened; opening of abscess was about one-lburth by one-
your Materia Medica to the cheapest and most inert substances:
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multiform (erythematous, vesicular, bullous, and pustular) herpetiform
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145-70, 4:30 a.m. Delivered 5:01 a.m. Normal labor of twelve
quibron syrup คือ
page 198, says: "With regard to the effect of soft chancres it
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In describing the technique employed the writer laid much
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a miscarriage ; told her to lie in bed and keep very quiet, to see if I
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(1) The abdomen of the patient should be brought before ex-
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tics are that the average age was high and that many of the patients
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as to the bad effect produced by suspension on the optic nerve. In one of his
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participate in physically cramming the paper on which the bill is
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there is a complete silence. This may continue for houi's, when the
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a procedure which possesses unmistakable advantages.

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