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ordinary means pains in the spleen without increase of size
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Of the five weeds gathered in the Pecos Valley New Mexico where
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Stimulus of Light. Another most powerful natural stimulus which has
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affording in the treatment of puerperal peritonitis when the em
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intention. A few days afterwards an abscess formed in the sub
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attends the action of blisters on the epigastrium before the general
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as shown by the hyperemia great round cell infiltration loss of columnar epithelium
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and by whom he believed himself to be loved naturally timid
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disease than of almost any other affection that he had frequently
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The Acid Phosphate taken as recommended will also tend to invigorate the
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and phimosis I am not from reading and experience prepared
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reduced within narrow limits. During the early stage of the
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thora from itself into the veins. Exercise of a faculty exalts and
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but susceptible to phagocytosis and not virulent for animals. Patient still living
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tissues. Inoculations gave growth of unidentified cocci.
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once preclude the possibility of their identity while quinine
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and in the hovel among the educated and refined as well as
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roused to renewed activity by the sucking and drawing for milk
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M. Jobert relates cases which go to prove that the most in
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tombs of Biban el Moluk etc. The 29th ulto. I arrived at Cairo
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the sacrum to the superior part of the symphisis pubis five inch
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a better. Prolapsus uteri is not a rare disease in this climate.
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From these experiments with bovine serum it would seem that
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plement was added and the mixture incubated for two additional
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Abdominal cavity. On opening the abdominal cavity the peritoneum shows no
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blance to protozoa and the origin of one group of these structures
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which threatens puerperal convulsions. and which seems to
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the pain and uneasiness and were rejected almost as soon as
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released and it at once swallowed the material thus placed in the
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Meteorological Ephemeris and remarks from the journal of our
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making its appearance in the lumbar region. It is known to be
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elements do not readily enter the body through the integument.
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pression of the free and copious transmission of the blood
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fer inconsequence of some degree of obliquity or depression of
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very sensitive. Blister and quinine to morrow. Instructions
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portion made no reply evincing thereby no disposition for reform.
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immense mental injury among men. The physician should
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will without doubt produce this effect if given in large doses.
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On the External Application of Croton Oil in Affections of the
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are concisely stated in a Treatise on Consumption and
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thology and the relation it bears to salivation. The few cases
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uninterrupted by this irritative cough. If the discharge accumu
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The Gazette Medicale de Paris 24 Dec. 1836 contains an
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in my opinion not sufficiently appreciated. It was about six
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The results are shown in Table i Columns I and IV the figures
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by the milk Johnson 1874. Other writers express themselves in
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will correct disease of the cervix. It seemed to him a dangerous
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headache these symptoms successively were combatted by
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the waist which is cut into thongs like the fly guard on the
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ation occurring cannot be due entirely to long cultivation on artificial
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Paralysis Epilepsy St. Vitus Dance Alcoholism the MORPHIA or
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ted with the 05 frontis. From the superior anterior portion of the
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cattle and sheep frequently eat the tender foliage of this plant with
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the governor and council. They shall be graduates of a legally
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canal. Analyses however have failed to reveal the presence of
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SaF In corresponding with Advertisers please be sure and mention this Journal.
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haps presumptuous to attempt at this time to present any thing
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safe rule. It does not seem probable that any single culture method
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had a great curvature of the vertebral column causing his chest
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Surgeon Rupert Blue commanding anti plague operations in Cali
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urine was somewhat scalding and the discharge quite profuse.
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than others. Generally increase of arterial pressure or venous
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Although hemorrhoids properly so called did not supervene
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even transcend the normal point. Were the position assumed
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By a wise and happy provision in the animal enconomy irri
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reaction are extraordinarily increased in size and show cloudy swelling in marked degree.
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ach disappeared and the pulse became soft and natural. I was
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correlated with these physiological differences. At the valve separat
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ence is science no more help to know a little more of some
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physiological change than anywhere else. The end of the stomach
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fomentations were continued to encourage the oozing of blood.
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in characteristic manner but not when under anaerobic conditions
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fused though in some instances very learned treatises I have
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the shoulder stitches in the side cases of pleurisy tuberculosis
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give an opinion they certainly could not be prepared to decide
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abscesses 2 4 mm. in diameter on section the cortex appears
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D. with strict orders to the nurse the midwife to keep the
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bowels on which the discharge depends but I am apprehensive
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structions of an individual for the purpose of exposing and cor
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physician of any considerable gynaecological experience must
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twisting them off. Should they return cauterize with nit. ar
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system as to relieve other parts of that excess which predispo
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and at the end of four weeks ceased altogether. She was kept
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lysins normally present when the infection began were absorbed and
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worker in lead to prevent the development of this poison
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While sitting in his chair one afternoon he felt as though some
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In all these cases therefore we are bound to direct attention to
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no instance did M. Louis find extensive excavations in the cen
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In dividing the muscle considerable hemorrhage may take place
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sion Bourneville and Regnard P. Richer Buet Gaube and
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dients which it contains viz. sugar fat and casein
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for two minutes put a little salt and pepper and a tiny
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believed that the abscess had a communication with the intesti
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sensitized with normal serum. Trypsin destroys the sensitizing and
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point the baby had slight convulsive movements and for ten or
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regenerate an exhausted medium by filtration through porcelain
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evacuations shew that it has exerted its peculiar stimulation upon
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The replacement and retention of the uterus in its proper site
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methylene blue or thionin and a search made for pest like bacilli.
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The principles upon which this discovery is based have been
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present. Nothing however can be more erroneous than such a
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Thorax. The pectoral and intercostal muscles were of a dark red color. On
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by fibrin was found. Larynx and trachea show active catarrhal inflammation with
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treated as similar affections elsewhere by topical measures.
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This result would seem to argue well for the use of cocaine in
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salt and pepper. Place it on the broiler with the inside
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with vesicles. Dr. Otto never observed its purgative effect
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In conclusion I desire to call attention to the fact that many
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species would be found. On the contrary either both are present or
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The following is the formula of M. Foucat in the treatment
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says when the reason for the rule ceases the rule ceases the
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Rabbit 25. One third loop typhoid bacilli injected in knee joint. Animal found
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The cure required six sittings and was completed in six weeks.
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For further information consult our circular on the uses of tnis salt.
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the burrowing of a fistulous channel but the patient is apt to
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obtained by plating out from a mixture of bacteria in the other cases.
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pyocyaneus which also interferes with opsonic technique. This
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itation. The os tincoc is sometimes open so that often the point
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high for secretion any means calculated to excite them must of
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have a vertebrate host also. They inoculated the flagellates into
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soon as usual. Observation shows also that persons who have
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Medical and Surgical Journal for April 1836. we have the report
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for direction and suggestion during the course of this work.
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expire like the exhausted taper. Nor is it less objectionable to
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hours. Later o. 2 per cent dextrose broth cultures was employed after
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The subject of the Modus Operandi of Medicines is one of
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the mammre and the axilla whereby these were removed.
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Pharmacy will take the subject into consideration. Attention to
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bles and distresses. As for the first its temporary interruption
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result of the accumulation injects the minute vessels of the intestine distends
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I will not recapitulate the methods laid down in works on the
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tunity for a thorough test in Chronic cases of Debility and Nervousness. Express
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ing results. However in working with different suspensions from
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very rarely be able to bring the system under the action of the
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