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also tremor of arms. No sphincter symptoms. Frequent remissions.

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because this certain knowledge is not universally applied to

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Digitalis should not be used under these circumstances.

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injected in the buttock, and the vagina washed out with hot

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further the intertsts of the physicians of the city and county

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view. Yet for one of these, hundreds of cases of rheumatic fever arise

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have been admitted in any number iis long as there was room ;

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has existed between the biliary and urinary passages. The bile salts

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treatment is not invariably followed by permanent improve-

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suited him best. The only stipulation was that the diet should be highly

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zinc, iron, creolin, scammony, iodin, potassium iodide, antimony,

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The Physical Examination of Infants and Young Children, by T. W.

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rare in young adults than in children. Endocarditis (i-heumatic or nephritic) is less common

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His work and his doing are still good and will bear

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lessness to relieve more than temporarily the dreadful

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assumed (unless there is clear evidence to the contrary) either

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large amount of chemically unchanged carbolic acid in the

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The question arises — AVhat is the cause of this alter-

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very active for a long time before death. There seems, indeed, to be the same

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ments, will give great relief ; blisters frequently do good.

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Upon inquiry I learned that he was fifty-five years of age, a shirt man-

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pulseless ; conlplained of pain in the lower part of the pel-

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ones), and to spend on the benches of a lecture-room that

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