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eruption, syphilitic pharyngitis, weight loss sixteen pounds.
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informed that the temperature had fallen to normal, the
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next seven minutes, with no noticeable effects save a slight
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of the health department; Dr. Cressy L. Wilbur, chief
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dermatologica). Dritte verbesserte .Auflage. Wiirzburg:
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subsequent stitches — eight or ten in number — were
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titious matter and the necessity of its removal from
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expel all the contents of the syringe so that in its
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on May ist he was given a regal test meal with the follow-
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selah was so near attaining. The first — the Chal-
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and syrup of squill every fifteen minutes until vom-
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New York Office. Dr. T. P. Prout. 152 W. 57th Street
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icine, on Monday, November 28th, at 8 p. m. The pro-
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node cheesy material. Faeces, containing as they did
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numbered 1,250, corresponding to an annual death rate of
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gologist to the Kings County Hospital and the Brooklyn
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ments of the pelvis. There was complete insensibility, and
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ance in a family of a red headed child where both parents are de-
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hemorrhage from the bowel, headache, and epistaxis de-
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says Rimbaud,^ "is of favorable augury, representing
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forty-six per cent.; erythrocytes, 2,750,000; color index,
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Assistant Adjunct Surgeon and Associate in Surgical Pathology,
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founded on facts, not theories, and, like the mariner
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held a sway so dominating in the Platonic intellect,
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years of age numbered 419, of whom 330 were under one
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the most satisfactory conditions in the field of major
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Neck organs, trachea deeply congested. Thyreoid very
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the literature of the third century. The successor to
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menced in that year, this enormous rate has steadily
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is to be found only in the ideal constructions of a
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tube, containing very many bladder epithelial cells (round
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while the abscess on his thumb was discharging ptis :
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efforts to make the coming generation "fit" ; but is
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clinical picture of the patient. Altzheimer comes to
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in this relation, extensively carried out into varied

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