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to the analysis conclusions are drawn with respect to
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cidentally linked to sex. The same appears to be true
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developed specifically for criminal investigations and
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Figure 5 Impact with a baseball bat will result in an area of
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ring primarily to criminalistics one must understand
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ramifications for the admissibility of the results of the
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Betz P Pankratz H Penning R and Eisenmenger W 1993
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sion in most jurisdictions on much evidence that falls
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agents underlined are those that are added to the reaction mix.
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ever all the inquiries of Morsen Salisbury Tommasi CVudeli and
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handle or guard. In victims of knife attacks incised
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tion and use of special stains. Furthermore patholo
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tion aimed to cover a host of activities that might fall
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case such as a death in custody or an alleged extra
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conventional ways of describing selectivity. We will
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following disciplines or combinations of disciplines
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etc.. According to a rule of thumb usually employed
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Figure 1 The nature and scope of forensic phonetics. The five
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of security. Suppose the psychiatrist predicts Yes and
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suicides firing again after the first shot the hands and
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alleles at the ABO locus giving rise to ten different
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both scene and known samples. Using direct physical
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