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Report accepted, and the vacancies were filled by John Witter,

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tually be known to the ends of the earth for their medicinal,

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centres upon which its primary action is exercised cannot be

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humble opinion, they do not go about things in the right way to

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duty and prudence to beg your honorable allowance for serv-

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After cxauiinini; llic ixxly, I tclt'plionol to tlic cliiet'

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will, and on the 15th of May, 1713, judgment was given

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used were 5 per cent formalin, 80 per cent alcohol containing 5 per

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§ IY. Can we attribute to the great degree of sensibility of

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mortality reported in several early series/-^’'' physician and

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the world his " New and extraordinary Obser vat 'ions concern/ ng

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viously, it had been almost totally in abeyance, or only a second-

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the chest by inspiration at suitable intervals. It is wonderful,

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Assistant Attending Psychiatrist. New York Hospital.

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of a rib, free from lean, is selected and soaked in water thirty-

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the term of service of enlisted men expires At other times, they should

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*om the blood in about 70 per cent, of the cases. Only one cubic centimeter of

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duction of arthritic symptoms may, when controlled and dis-

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septics are employed. The last class of medicines is, however,

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they will tell us that where these organs have been crippled by

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tus itfelf, and not the mother, breaks the (hell of the

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often, in older persons. The disorder is a highly contagious one ; but

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gangrenous area should be removed, the opening closed by

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will dispel that prompting, and the result is, nature is baffled.

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amount of receipts less expenses. The Commission was not

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Dr. HiBBARD, of Richmond, Ind., promptly arrested a profuse and

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much frequented and rivalled Epidauros in popularity,

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nothing short of a crime against humanity. It is an evidence of the robust

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bowel, that there is in such cases an actual mechanical

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Murray, R. I)., surgeon. Leave of absence granted by Bureau

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the plumbing of a building shall be done as the carpenter work.

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sible. The more we try to excite it, or induce it to move, the more

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and honor, if we give our best services to our patients ;

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ing how to conserve the health of their pupils and how to teach

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