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hydrophobia and which had bitten other dogs and some

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finds that strychnin has no inlluence on the blood pressure in

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gressive gangrene of the skin by the absence of crepitation of foetid gas

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direct observations collected from four journeys the last of which as

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haemoglobin. In some cases of haematoporphyrinuria also the urine may

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the patient was delirious and violent. In a few days this

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Second Munificent Gift. Dr. Simeon Bell Rosedale has given

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showed definite adenocarcinoma invading the intra glandular

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are speedily removed and more serious illness prevented.

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safe and painless method of instituting the desired

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quality and the expiration in this space will become prolonged harsh and

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order being contagious. If this arose from special surroundings

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color a little larger than rye grain. Ergot is a fungus

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also to have been the view taken by those who discussed

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This course embraces the physiological actions of the various medicinal

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bility insurance for its professional employees including

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and in subsequent cases the brownish yellow pigment agrees in mor

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the benefits of saline transfusion will vary with the class

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Cross Hospital found streptococci in the patient s blood.

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sions carried from the outside. acceptance. If not they may excite con

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Hahnemann says that the most appropriate doei is the thir

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canal. With this view Dover s powder the compound powder of

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matism in the left foot and ankle. This yielded readily to sali

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Particularly is this true of the so called zymotic diseases

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earliest sanitary measure introduced with great success into Japan being

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should be administered with caution to patients with cardio

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common. It is met with in many cases of tetanus of the

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many instances no one can be sure without bacteriological examination

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Two moving picture entertainments consisting of a comedy

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from violence previously to their registration in order that an inquest

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may be affected so slightly in congenital syphilis that it

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cally and more certain than the examination of the skilled

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dealing with this condition can be traced in the vast majority of

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pulp cells amounting in places to actual necrosis and the formation of

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form it is frequently the immediate cause of death.

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