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bowels by giving occasionally mild purgatives in order to over

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it is to be ascribed likewise to a specific inflammation which in

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demic among these birds was the probable cause of their death since

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selves. In the last stages of their sickness they stood on the floor

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system hitherto unnoticed by medic al men and derivable from the chemical

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cavity and to enter the ear. 4. Amphoric resonance when

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with pest bacilli. When the tissues reached us they were in such

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erages like this include opposite extremes. For example on

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neck vagina and vulva. The spermatic or ovarian arteries are

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interminable length even without going into the minutiae of the

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a second time and he appealed. After the testimony of the

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In a recent paper Ricketts and Gomez stated that the rabbit

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doubtless redness amp tending to some of the terminations of inflam

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each time at first only slight or merely spasmodic jerking but

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manent patency of the aorta in varicose aneurisms in aneurismal varix in

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whether old or recent the secondary are never benefitted by it.

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powers which have compelled regular practitioners to deprecate

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ries really exist beneath the membrane and you can always detach a serous

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congestion may be secondary to diseases of the other viscera.

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nerally occur it is reasonable to suppose that in a very great

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ally increased in size and smeared with simple digestive ointment introdu

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of the most prevalent diseases. The records are extremely im

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probation and made strong and resisting like the chains of

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sickness and disease are abnormal and so are all the social in

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culture and increase until the 12th or 14th day. On reinoculation

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anticipated as a most desirable object the establishment of a

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New method of wealing Strictures of the Urethra By M. Jo

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hip still continuing and the tumour enlarging. Dr. Mott wrote

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This experiment seems strikingly conclusive of the efficacy of

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From these experiments it would seem that some of the products

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keeping the womb within the vagina more than counterbalances

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The following table will show the most fatal as well as the

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A muscle is enlarged by use to double its natural thickness.

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been coming on for several months slowly growing worse

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fullness are taken off and the uterus most commonly restored

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found in Segato s cabinet. A few shall be enumerated which I

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and I put him on the old established treatment. During the time

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of serious doubt amongst the profession whether there was in

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proliferation of the septa leading to swelling and desquamation of

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the cerebral affections have not given any uneasiness and his

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recent occurrence in corroboration so far as relates to this

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This delaved the cure to about the thirteenth day by which time

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with alcohol we have conclusive evidence that moist heat aflfects the

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That we are not dealing with StrepL pyogenes in these cases even

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verts to its merits are being constantly made. Dr. Robert

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slightest motion is painful then the organs of motion must be affected.

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