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with evidence integrity is that the laboratory has to

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times it is part of a routine practice such as removing

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and often controversial subject of race it is essential

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For all handwriting and signature comparison cases

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ral network and fuzzy logic fall into this category.

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suicides will use more than one method so that a drug

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tions with very little reduction in culprit identifica

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medical history and evidence for habitual activity.

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evidence depend dramatically on the criminal law of

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reduced in size. Science acknowledged this by naming

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but that is only fair. The witness failed to differentiate

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settings to detect information that a suspect cannot or

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and a projection lens Fig. 4. The comparison facial

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because indigestible because too much has been eaten goes tlnis out

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features not necessarily individually rare occurring

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numeric standard based only on the expertise of the

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the individual is reproduced. When the anterior teeth

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In the wider sense clinical forensic medicine means

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items should be safely and securely packaged as soon

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trivial. Others take the short road and create policy

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GC separation. GC is considered a destructive tech

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berow gave technical definition of the psychological

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breaks the tool mark he leaves the paint he scratches

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by law enforcement in the future. Further still and

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The discovery and reporting of a crime will in most

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the flexures of the phalanges as the knife is with

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partition coefficients of a number of compounds be

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tubular film is slit to form a single wide sheet which

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between identical twins. Fingerprint patterns of iden

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