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shot wound will have the same features as a distant

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the bullet was discharged. Range of fire is an expres

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explanation for the injury is consistent with the pat

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ASTM Standard E1412 95. Standard Practice for Separa

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of lid seal used they are generally effective in retain

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the column being given an inward acceleration which

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details of the behavior of the fire where and how it

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Therefore they usually work under the supervision of

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the insole of the footwear. Many walking impressions

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period typically years to establish which potential

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the use of a plastic bag to contain the vapor being

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bacteria produce alcohol while others metabolize it.

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All tlie ganglia now spoken of tt ther make with their connections

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tunities for criminals to conduct their business. Such

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also be applied in cases of rape where it is suspected

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information useful to the investigation. For example

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vapor air mixture is too rich insufficient air concen

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oper may also be used on certain types of paper tapes.

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emotional abuse and neglect. There is no substitute

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the internally regulated developmental and remodel

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These ingredients consist of fatty acids resins sur

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dimensional impressions marks are located primarily

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which acts upon the bowels and kidnejrg of some persons.

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reason these are so effective is that they are develop

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live. This hampers law enforcement in the sense that

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Fig. 2. If the process were perfect 30 cycles would

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are truly comparable. All analytical methods should

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ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES Spectroscopic Techniques 1 79

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pants of the building. This witness information should

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It was Canada s first attempt to link homicide cases

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mens one composed of polyvinyl chloride plasticized

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The preceding discussion is only of academic interest

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Commercial explosive being mixtures will attempt to

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Identification from facial features can be based on

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immersing the article in the solution or by floating the

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the various choke borings. There are slight variations

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extremely reactive free radicals that immediately react

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each impression typographic printing can be used to

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fear. Depression of the central nervous system CNS

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prior to making a derivative suitable for chromato

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tive test or a negative presumptive test but high clini

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