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of infanticide at the present time more fitly belongs to an age of bar-
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in the history of the treatment of this disease, and pass on to
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ican Association for the Advancement of Science, in 1851.
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the viscus with hydrozone. Lavage should be practiced every
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To breathe in an atmosphere of this kind is death, as rapid as
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nature, aided by a good constitution in the young." So far, so good ;
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able to proceed to No. 16, later to No. 24, and by the twelfth
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grape sugar, extracted from honey by means of alcohol and
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this would be ascertained more often if a more systematic
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to him by the author — contained none of these ideas. The
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most the middle line in front, became cedematous, from, as I sup-
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position of the bone was such, that in passing a catheter (an

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