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the germs by subjecting the milk to heat ; the spores of many micro-

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scrutiny can ascertain the state of her mind) not only unrepining, but

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The pupiU will be admitted to the practice of the Massachnsetts General Hospital, and will r ec ei v e

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in relation with external things, and to obtain its own stimuli and mani-

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have no faith in it. Theoretically it should be of service, because of its

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common that they may be discussed together. Such inflammations most

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retired, sedentary occupation, never took much exercise ; for many years

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Types of Polysomatous Terata. — Since monochorionic or uniovular

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when glycerine is present, but on ordinary agar-agar and beef-broth. It will not

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activity ; but in the posterior columns of the spinal cord there are other sets of

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I succeeded in drawing him from an extensive field of practice in New

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The comparative rarity of femoral hernia, and the fact that a large

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5 the last edition. A numbt^r of Hections have been added and many parts rewritten.

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incubation period. With antitoxin treatment the mortality is reckoned at

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L though her stomach ejected, almost immediately> for weeks, every

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heart, which was not very loud, and heard most distinctly to the left of

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Group IV. — 'Toxic Conditions. — Tetany has been attributed to definite

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eome sowMtfll'tlM abdomen^ The second labor was natund^iivflh ibe

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prominent symptoms in each patient, having regard, in its applicmtion,

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Me., and Woodstock, Yt., have both closed — having been unusally pros-

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forward passively, and when being raised by the patient the hand of the

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This sleep is heavy and unrefreshing. Next morning they proceed to their

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This form of degeneration affects the arm mote often than the leg, and

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in the first decennium 31 were boys and 11 were girls.

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together with a shop connected with the same, ror many yeara lucratively employed In^he

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them, perhaps, is Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, which has a

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dence of present growth, and an encouraging guarantee for the future.

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