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so marked or otherwise rendered Identifiable as to facilitate their proper disposition :

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t!,,, 1,1 1 |,\ |iiu |n |. ,-,.|it lli,.i-.. was 11,1 in.-i-.'as.. in I'at .•.,ii1i.|it. In <ii-

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and massage speed physical and emotional re-education. Coopera-

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tomer. The foreigner gets the very best, for he demands it, and has experts to see

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the movement from the proper ofilclal of the State or Territory into which the cattle

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ther of interest. There were several punched out scars on the penis.

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Sec 5. Important matters for the consideration of the general meeting must

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has not been reported in this country, but during the past year a

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which are available and how they may be obtained, will be sent free

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tubercle bacilli when their cultural characteristics were considered. The latter

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are comparatively rare nowadays, due to the widespread prophy-

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gram was submitted to the Veterans’ Administration

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Wood, Kansas City; J. L. Mudd, St. Louis; Paul Murphy.

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sels lose their distensibility, becoming more rigid

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A fluoroscopic examination (Fig. 2) at this time showed the heart to

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They note differences in different plasmata, and that the addition of

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wait in this type of tumor for invasion before say-

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ler brought out and told of releases that had gone out

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!,,iin.| t .111. .IS ,ii..L"-'l M-..111 tli.- M.ilili.' \.ilii.-. 'I'liis ill. I,.., It. -s that lli'-

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noted between the growth or liquefaction and the plasmata used.

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exactly the same meaning when applied to the diseases of animals

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In tlie rat)1)it very little reflex response is elieitaMe for several hours

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heavy oiled paper and placed on a platform 10 or 12 inches above the floor.

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''Sheninntiiii. ('. S. : i I i The Ititi'^iative .Vi'timi iif flie Nervous System, Siliiiiiaii Lee-

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J, ,;i ,/()(/ fulfil III II utiiiill ilii/rir hii llir liiinin. Tliis iiKMiis tliat under

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Sec 5. Important matters for the consideration of the general meeting must

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for the treatment of this insidious and intractable disease. ”3

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in many cases, as in the one herewith reported, no such band could be

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upper openings of these tanks are located on a level with the floor. In the flrst row there

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