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No benefit ever arises from disciplining a child for
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kidney disease and respiration gave no evidence of lung obstruc
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living on what is now the Tate farm all died from milksickness. The
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perhaps a couple of hours would cease. These paroxysms oc
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above alluded to assist in causing spinal irritation from the or
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But this condition is hardly capable of affording any serious em
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following resolution which was unanimously adopted
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making so many excellent books are they constantly publishing
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for several hours in the ordinary ways for deliverance without
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in dififereht concentrations may be capable of producing in one case
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lhe testicles. There was no salivation notwithstanding the
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the diseases of the surrounding organs How often it is com
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an introduction into general use aside from the fact that it will
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flux when habitual may be productive of general disorders a
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eschar takes place slowly which prolongs the cure and the swelling of the
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warms applications over the ovaries with the result of establish
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Varieties of Typhoid Fever. The sketch of fever which has been given
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intervene between the doses r will be necessary. The accoucheur must
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generally directed to this matter trv those who have axes to
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Nature s secrets. Perhaps the same explanation might be made
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Surgical Journal a case of true fracture of the penis. The
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fortunate subject of it Mr. Franklin himself which being as
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pital practice. British and Foreign Medical Review. Zeitschrift fur die
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Phagocytic experiments. In a previous paper I pointed out
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upon the lumbar region of the vertebral column. When the
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pressure of the same zone will promptly arrest them. More fre
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seven instances of fractured radius forty three were in this direction two
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and suggested that some of the members devote a little of their
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ings open as they are on every side exposing their inmates to
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lets provided in the economy for the elimination of all foreign
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in determining whether infection in the rat will take place or not.
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lum had curled back on itself. A very thin membrane was stretched
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over the os internum. In that case he dilated the cervix and the
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once an emetic and continued use of nauseating portions of an
surgical fixation of an undescended testis in the scrotum
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fatigue. Sometimes when not disturbed he lay in a stupor with
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swift ravages of the destroyer j These remarks are particularly
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fell during the spring and summer months and which was con
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sue near the old cicatrix. The needles this time produced
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toury. Before rupturing the membranes the operator instructs
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there are many facts recorded in the histories of the disease
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and in some respects resembling the human nose but more like
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capsulaius And Lcgros on Recherches histologiques sur les gangrenes ga2seuses
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sentially a stage of the disease itself still in practice it should
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tures were about 975 of which sum 675 were still due. The
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sus. In this case there was manifestly a lesion of the organs of
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since girlhood and was given to paroxysms of mental depression.
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Jg In corresponding with Advertisers please he sure and mention this Journal.
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ti took occasion to impress on his pupils the necessity of with
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tic secretion. During the continuance of the salivation the fe
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he sees grotesque objects or luminous figures. There is no
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In order to show more clearly the relation of phagocytosis to
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have been played however by the direct influence of the environ
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Oneratiovs for Cataract At a meeting of the Academy of Science in
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branch of medicine and has we believe never been surpassed
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deed teach us to retain even a doubtful remedy until we obtain
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from the delay and violence of the parent. In these patients where the
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they have been suggested to my mind a few of the evidences
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are studied. The understanding of some notwithstanding they have been
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intracardiac injections of i to 2 c. c. or by intraperitoneal doses of
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four hours before I saw it. This treatment was commenced at
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animal so destroyed will possess as active powers of destruction and
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sessed by his preparations for exhibiting the natural form and
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wanting and we have a thickening of the mucous membrane we
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suction of a child on the breast may so stimulate the mammary
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gy and treatment by Dr. Stokes in the Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine
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elongated considerably by uterine effort or an appeal to instru
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bladder. On withdrawing the bougie the patient passed sonic water through
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lesions of coccidioidal granuloma do not appear here to any great
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The third class consists of those whose employments are of a
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on each side were all that remained undivided. The parts were
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healing of the wound and in all the rest with the exception of
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must be thrown into a separated perns through the arteria profunda fin
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alkaline dextrose broth but is not motile nor does it cause liquefac
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When winter brings cold it makes the leaves drop from the trees
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other treatment is out of the question or if the menstrual period
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Laennec in simple pneumonia though truly a heroic remedy in
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additional evidence of its correctness. Regarding the disease
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be well however in spite of this caution for our readers to
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inflammation of the vagina may gradually extend to the uterus
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mucous membrane in order to impede respiration must be about
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there may be ecchymosis of the skin. With female patients the
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of fixation of opsonin by the object of phagocytosis I have made a
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Diseases of the uterus are extremely liable to return after ha
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in proving that so far as regards the uterus the menstrual dis
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glycerin broth. They were markedly similar in all these properties
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and I gave her the first decimal trituration of Macrotin two
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by practicing lung filling systematically making daily exercises.
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itr u 2 Tartar Emetic in Ob amp telric Practice. July.
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mice but always with negative results. These experiments however
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four weeks we might put her in condition to be operated upon.
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however though not numerous may be considered striking and
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We commend Nestle s Condensed Milk to the notice of medical
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more meet than this what school more able than that to which
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was advisable to inject chloride of sodium to prevent absorption
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tory to the typhoid bacillus they are in many ways the most suitable
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opment. Some of these were superficial and consisted of a separa
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previous to bleeding. Polynuclear cells counted 80 per cent.
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do no more. Relatives of the patient begging the doctor not to
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the disease to become more inveterate. He says that it is not
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estimated sirloin steak reckoning loss from bone at 35 cents a
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hide again and the poor sufferer began to think the misery
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never persevered in a judicious course of medicine though she had been
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The form of the caoutchouc employed must always vary ac
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suspensory bandage the patient remaining in bed during the
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eczema of the foreskin or balanitis. Parasites in the rectum
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boiling point add 1 teaspoonful of butter 1 teaspoonful
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methods of treatment were adopted. Active exercise as possible
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gathered from my observations and experiments that the food in the ccecum
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without any other evident mark of gastric disorder. When this was the
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the result shown in Table 8 is obtained. Here the bichloride cor
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learned countrymen. His name has already acquired some
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quite similar to those given by Schaudinn for Calex pipiens so that
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will be presently specified and that localities in which the disease
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ing closed which gave passage to them. He found much diffi
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of the science against the many unfounded and unjust imputa
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the digested serum. Apparently a special sensitization exists here
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producing enlargement and at the same time the general shape
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irritation there the disease seems first to develope itself. I have
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two by adherent prepuces without phimosis where marked im
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season were of a mild grade except in a small proportion of
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do in the south No. We would have barely commenced.
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interest to your numerous readers I will send you a report of
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had any leucorrhoea he found a discharge from the os uteri on employing
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means unfrcquent. Here he had found that as after ordinary
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the liver Fig. 12 the only organ which shows any characteristic lesion.
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quantities of proteid to give a precipitate with dilute acetic acid and
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of fecal bacteria already dead and disintegrating the difficulty of differential staining
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and a source of sufficient discomfort to demand attention and
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sider it to be contagious except under peculiar circumstances
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advanced cases of natural rat leprosy were ground up with powdered
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have been by M. Lisfranc called hypertrophy of the uterus are
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more than a mere trace. In most cases of amyloid diseases of
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tion or of actual inflammation. The exhibition of quinine or of any other
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treatment. We have stated that the diagnosis of the difficulties
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to malaria and the ascription of the former to a miasmatic origin.
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er at the present day than formerly. Baudelocque for example

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