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hands lying in one of the basins of water. A galvanic cell

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natural expansion of such an institution as the Zoological

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that I subject myself to an accusation of temerity inasmuch as the

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one undoubted argument in favor of using tlie drainage tube. At

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loins and mammse fever dullness emaciation decubitus paraplegia

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as the result of the process of digestion exercise or cold bathing and

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following The miraculous properties of the caul were provi

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office with all faithfulness and sincerity and taking care that the

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which are then of a more yellow or even greenish color. In such

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valuable as our wheat crop. The poultry yards of Pennsylvania are worth

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Whereas The premium dollars are not paid in a reasonable

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of a woman who died of cerebral apoplexy there was diminu

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nature of the disease should be ascertained and the proper

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hemorrhages evidently uremic. Red blood cells white blood cells

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whether they were treated or not. We are not sure that the

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globules whilst in quantity it may be very materially diminished

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deepening into complete coma and terminating in death.

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beneBcial when the actual influence of the bath may be pre

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by lumbar puncture the tubercle bacilli may be abundant even when there is

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of other organs being diseased which might cause em

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syphilitic effusions from adjacent structm es. That

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further observations have shown that the slow heart in these in

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and left in the abdomen as in Tyler Smith s method of treating

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colonies of the swine plague bacillus whereas similar cultures from the bile

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treatment of which has resulted in the cure of a chronic discharge of

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