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ment of the First Summer Session, and the other half, £i5, at the
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which required its sacrifice in the first instance be
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we peneti'ate into the large canals, wliich, after a
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complained of palpitations of his heart on the least excite-
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detected, or of any other affection of the chest except brou.-
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six surgeons were appointed to different ships, in lieu
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gravity and extent of the morbid changes : it begins
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blue jackets and naval and military officers of all na-
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age greatly favours the tendency to [anchylosis. On
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new waiTant threatens the further extinction of one
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adduces other examples (the vertebral and cerebral arteries) of
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bowels toi-pid ; and the urine variable, but frequently
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lon calls to the mind of the profession the fact that he,
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reddit active measures
mena referable to the bowels themselves. Mr. Hilton,
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those suffer most whose skin is soft and perspirable.
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few days.'and I hope that you will be good enough to insert it in
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with such keenness on the field of his patient's surface, that he
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had sometimes been an unwillingness to revise them ;
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Dr. Percival's Ethics is a classical book, in its best
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ation; the questions in the form which you have en-
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fore, of cases where the symptoms have been accurately
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progressing most rapidly and successftdly, and that
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know, and often quite another to do the right thing.
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.£150. It was stated this would be a double " rise," as
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we are enjoying and forgetting, to that mighty agent
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was protruded to the left side ; pulse 64, full. The
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find much iteration but small addition ;' and he was
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preserved, notwithstanding the severity of his wound. Violent
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be rendered still more efficient by passing needles
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closed, as in ordinary single hare-lip, by bringing together
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a collected account of himself and what he had done,
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application of an agglutinating plaster. The effect
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Mahtin ; on the Surgical Cases bv Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Paget, aud
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licensing bodies are to be requested not to examine
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last point should be pai-ticulai'ly observed in the se-
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absorbed), cool, and pleasant to di'ink ; it must have

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