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tubal abortion the foetus dies as a result of its separation from

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Pickerill H. P. Facial Surgery New York William Wood

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contraction which prevents getting an outline of the pelvis in

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Interstitial Pneumonia. In the course of chronic phthisis interstititi

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These observations compel us to assume that these peculiar

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in time gradually dilate the opening. Some have claimed that un

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in some western medical journals as a substitute for

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t make out the progress of labor by the outside method

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the platysma myoides and the fasciae of the neck are con

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the X ray bulb the means of the excitation thereof its hardness

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bowels the characteristic temperature and even perforations

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ticularly Xcnopsylla cfteopis. Endemic typhus is chiefly pres

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variable can we hope to achieve our goal. As can be

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of traumatism is confirmed by my experience in which it

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fifteen and twenty to immediately fall again when left undis

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sense of weight and fulness in the epigastrium and a general lassitude

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phlogistic measures are less appropriate now than formerly. This

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