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the early descriptions. Thompson 1853 records the interesting

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investigations this bacillus is the principal agent which produces lactic

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The diagnosis of acute plague was based upon the gross lesions

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three important substances barley oats and wheat a food is

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an undue pressure or bearing down of the gravid uterus afford

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cau ious attention however the disease will not unfreqaently progressively

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one to three weeks before entrance. However in three cases Charts

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culture in contradistinction to the others must be regarded as belong

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at the pulmonic cartilage transmitted towards the left

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introduced per vaginam slowly and cautiously. The com

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Large intestine. Great hyperplasia of solitary follicles accompanied by a very

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for the length of the substance of the womb. After speaking of

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result. The child if mentally feeble should be placed

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On the other hand there is some evidence that milksickness was

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ers by what may be considered begging the question which he

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rial was taken from the animal and inoculated as soon as possible

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of surface tension at the bottom of the droplet they could scarcely

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whose gland cells and interstitial frame work exhibit pathologi

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far the latter has been much more frequently met than the former.

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experiments with reference to the effects of Scharlach Roth injections into mouse tumors.

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tioner by disciplining his judgment and accustoming his mind to

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correspond to the indices for StrepL pyogenes scarlet fever and M.

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favorable effect of external treatment and render such favorable

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however has been the same or nearly so leaving a strong im

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year especially in the spring. He also had a species of cerebral

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cranium through the anterior font anelle about three fourths of an

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may somewhat paradoxically term a salutary watchful neglect

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mav again be re established as the swelling subsides.

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from time to time and with the attached flagellates pass along poste

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to eoatrol icriuentative erwctations and to disinfect the Li. Ikrttl Z ra h.

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conceived that a much more simple remedy and the employment

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with or without inflammatory redness of its surface. These

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gums. In children the disease is produced by feeding

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Without considering with Dr. Chapman the stomach to be

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is abundant contains true pus and the walls of the vagina are

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involved in the human cases and in the animals is interesting.

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ces and the reason is obvious the whole momentum would

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sion is that our school will ultimately be overthrown and that

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cordingly two cases presented themselves both had passed into

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In cases of Pneumonia Diphtheria Consumption Malaria Hemorrhages all Pulmo

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in. ine has proved efficacious. The pulse in puerperal mania whilst it is

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student of medicine in the following manner. A gentleman had

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sented to the Medical College of Georgia has been forwarded and may now

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cysts was the largest which was about the size of a common

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perineum and scrotum much distended and of a dark livid colour there

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