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simple laryngitis the sulphate of copper is advantageous in the majority of

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WiNANS M. Practical observations on the disease denominated milk sickness or

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larger sometimes as large as a pea and the gland may be entirely

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tails of numerous cases alone in search of truth and to have

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points elastic. All the places from which the teeth had been extracted are

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removed using an extremely rapidly rotating haematocrit centrifuge apparatus

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chloric acid but after being boiled it is very rapidly

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fluid and cultures containing the organism. Rettger3 substantiates Bienstock s

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caution for if the vaginal orifice be very narrow some infusion

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Those who have devoted their attention in any degree to the

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only at stated intervals but eat whenever you desire food. Be

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sediment about four times as many as gravity sediment. This seems

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In man there is as a rule excessive vomiting and obstinate constipa

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tator we feel no hesitation in expressing the opinion that the

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acid lemonade while he is being treated with applications ot

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old cultures but it is not beUeved that any material source of error

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and a free use of vapor baths under the supervision of the family

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from slight fatty infiltration numerous healed focal necroses.

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models of pessaries all differing one from the other all very

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caoutchouc hardens the board is removed and an India rubber

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powers as its uses become more fully developed and we may yet

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presumption that the most distinctive characteristic feature of

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sickness. She was certain she could feel the motion of a child

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paratory education of a medical student or be comprised in the

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in a normal state. The mesentery was studded with small hemorrhagic areas or

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the most subtle poisons and violent remedies whilst many of

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given to cleanse the stomach and bowels and aided if necessary

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the back passing down to the lower part of my bowels. When

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HYDRASTLA crystallizing in white prismatic forms and insoluble in water.

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purpose. In acute disease it is frequently changing the patient

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thirty nine or forty the milk should be rejected. As human milk

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taking equal care to omit nothing of importance and to reject everything

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cular canals differ in structure from the osseous vestibule and the osseous

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isms as illustrated by the two fully formed organisms within the frag

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was tixed elevation depression and rotation w T ere alike impos

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patient really suffers from nausea and abdominal pain.

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no reaction. Occasional specimens of urine for eight months longer showed a gradual

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Baltimore medical societies according to the Archives of

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patient s serum is less opsonic than normal serum. There is then in

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ciple of revulsion that we can comprehend the philosophy of the

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briefly say that where there is pain and inflammation the rubbing

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accompaniment of the disorder and is given a prominent place in all

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slender long considerably tortuous zigzag and in approaching the

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doses of the powders were administered without any obvious in

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In the first case of plague found among the ground squirrels in

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the bone being forced into the vertebral canal the upper por

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read in the medical journals of our country. The confusion v

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ous nervous symptoms are present. In the stage of collapse when there

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down to the evil effects of bad example and association. Dr.

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fessor Maunoir s opinions and practice. With the burthen of

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tion. They are extremely small semi transparent not very

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portion but only a portion of the glans. Fourth degree elon

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behind in the pipette. As a control a series of experiments was

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The other individual was a man perhaps fifty years of age

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the sensuous delights which it affords are so generally regarded

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mist who will contemplate the immense and curious distribution

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clearest proof of guilt can not always be relied upon. And

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affection of the nervous trunk itself whether of the nervous mat

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must supersede all other instruments at present in use for the

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inoculation. In litmus milk its growth is abundant when grown aerobically but no

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oozing ofb i i I from the small vessels might be most perfectly

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in thccvening and experienced some moments of the greatest plea

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membranes. It is a fact that many persons whose mucous mem

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Treatment of Adynamic Typhoid Fever. When there is stupor unusual

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some friend to keep the skin tense introduced three needles

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dissolve it over hot water strain it into the farina add

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Acting on this suggestion we have prescribed it in a single case

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but among the insane who voluntarily starve themselves there

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rats or from cases of human plague and second the fact that a

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probability of its good effects was scarcely questionable.

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general debilitative effect which it produces or may serve as an

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spondent from the existence of constipation it is well in

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of soreness which pressure produces is the effect of the blister

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showed turbidity in the outside broth in less than 24 hours with

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quent and dangerous of the acute diseases of the aged. Of 0c6

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the morbid action. If this be all we shall proceed to di

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The quantity of gas produced has been recorded in linear centimeters

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in the country. As a measure of economy it is proposed in

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JS37. Topography and Diseases of Talbot County gt gt

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But however fruitless the search after ultimate causes effects

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pyramidal muscles il i to the fascia lining the abdomen. As is well

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infl immatioti and fever with regard to the series of events and

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ter was placed over the orifice and the head bandaged so as to

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number Can no imprudence take from it 1 Does the physiological con

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refied rhubarb ipecacuanha and opium. The ipecacuanha on every ac

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amputation he lost only two patients. The circular incision was in every

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have not room in the present number for the whole essay and

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much toward staying the disease and avoiding a panic. Let

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polynuclear leukocyte invasion one much greater than the other arising from the portal

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obtain an increased yield in a shorter time. As a result Elvove

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every case of this disease where the nutritious vessels are much enlarged

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of a fountain syringe which I regard as altogether preferable to

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the books and manuscripts in the museum of th of Surgeons.

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distribute themselves upon the pilars of the spongy subs ance until

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ing fat and tissue from the body in order to supply the blood

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have endeavored to illustrate by a drawing and which through

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including the quantitative determination of the bacteria in the feces by microscopic

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becomes secondarily involved that is if the nerves be first im

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or certificate to that effect and thereafter he shall have the right

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eceedin procuring dilatation of the os uteri as it is in some ci

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of the low nitrogen result leaving 98 determinations which we regard

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effects of masticatories in promoting the flow of saliva stimu

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off from the mass in the nostril. The haemorrhage was very

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position and the pericardium was opened. It was now seen that when the

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tus tendinum convulsive twitchings of the nose and upper lip and carpology.

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anxiety went to a spring for water and then returned to the poisoned

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in cultural characteristics the index is much lower.

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quent sighing and weeping nausea great oppression at the

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stances as well as in regard to antibodies in general. Hamilton s

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condition. He assumes it therefore as a position beyond all doubt that the

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drainage and cultivation have conspired to bring about the practical

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been justly made Not implying any suspicion of the honesty

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did not contain any excess of blood no interstitial splenitis the Malpighian bodies

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The following cases prove the peculiar efficacy of this species

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over the use of caustic in cases of valvular strictures. Indeed

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Young specimens of this plant may be found in the botanic

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Cocaine salts however have no appreciable action on the deeper tissues unless

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An gt incr work received is Bourgery s Anatomy with plates.

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is to treat the disease that stands in a causative relation to the

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ly of disease. With respect to the second case I will only say

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