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K. Stratford of Chicago called the meeting to order and Rev.
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poisoning from the use of lead internally. I once saw a case
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be given hot water and brandy internally and for nour
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quently sec blisters fully drawn without either removing or in
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albuSy portal gland Sterile exudates on liver and intestinal nodules.
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lets provided in the economy for the elimination of all foreign
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The obstinacy with which the purulent Ophthalmia of infants
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tion and to this diagnosis I was led by the following special
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watermen confectioners slaters founders infirmary attendants and nurses.
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without expulsion. Seeing himself foiled in this his only seem
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Under this treatment the stomach would not become entirely
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produced along with smoke whenever vegetables are burned li was dis
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in the twenty four hours the object being to procure one or two
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for its removal you would rely on withholding its peculiar causes
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If infection of grazing cattle with B. lactimorbi occurs it therefore
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squirrels are apt to be less virulent than where the infection has
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ed enlarging at my hip and my ancle also became swelled
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Owing to the rapid lytic action of normal unheated serum upon
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Chart 5. Antibodies in serum of dog injected with rat corpuscles.
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sions are based in miscalculation and error. So let our younger readers take
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manifested by any of the animals we had opportunity to study. The
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wrinkled or undulating Figs. 4 5. A large group of recently liber
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Louis. After making the first incision through the integuments
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charge of mucous and pus the febrile symptoms are sometimes
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Charles Monod has written to the Gazette des Hopitaux an
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teeth and at the end of that time half the people had empty
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very distinct and there also existed an effusion of the peritone
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development far beyond their years or as it may be months
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Edited by John Bell M. D. Lecturer on the Institutes of
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of sympathy between the two parts it is impracticable to deter
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cowardice if we may so speak prevalent in relation to this
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reopened except under special circumstances after the
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there is leucocytosis. This is true usually both with normal and
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when taken separately and seems to arise evidently from differ
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with other kinds of protein from the same species of animal has not
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more than half a dozen rats have been seen presenting lesions strongly
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efficacious in a considerable variety of chronic affections a
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suffering under the gout that the application of the loadstone
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the use of stains have a great tendency to reduce the original number
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mixed with blood and foetid. Respiration more difficult stertorous some
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suggested by Drs. Graves andChomel in g i. mixtura camphora
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date ol the latter he was eating and drinking ad libitum having recovered
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From the 19th to the 31st there were no thunder showers the
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up with powdered glass and extracted with 0.85 per cent sodium
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a consequence of the violation of the natural law produced by
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regularly three times a day and yet be the worst poisoned men of
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occurs spontaneously and inner surface of the thigh or
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little color the urine remaining dark. The fourth day gave no
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to induce the nurse to believe that the woman to use her
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her genitals against a portion of her pillow. After that time

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