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The kidneys are affected in their turn by the stasis in the vena
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We again examined it. It appeared extremely depressed and
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the managers to put themselves in communication with Mr. Voung, in
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surrounding them is markedly hyperaemic, infiltrated, and softened.
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lately delivered by Professor Tyndall at the Royal Institution pretty
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were trymg to sing "Mourir pour la patrie"; and many weeping women
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or chronic parasitic or dyscrasic diseases of the skin. It affects even
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proved of remarkable value in purpura hsemorrhagica of the horse
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by her own owner, in whose possession she had always been, her health
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therefore, be suggested that in this second series accidental inoculation
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sound and the long pause, was heard over a large surface. The first
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The tumour was a lobulated epithelioma. Sections stained with
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project now being matured among a iew of the flite of the medical stu-
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in warm boric solution. The animal's kennel was covered so as to
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placed on the outside. The coracoid is large, ard joins the sternum ;
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not cease to influence it, until these ghosts are laid by measures which
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well arranged, and the inventors' and donors' names always duly an-
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suppurating corns, or of foreign bodies having passed through the
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other hand, the source of the disease is permanent." More recent writers, Bernutz
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the pus being thick and partially inspissated. The most interesting
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made a semicircular incision about six and a half inches in length;
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tially or entirely disappear in the internal zone of the largest tubercles.
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and not Dr. Barnes of London, as stated in mistake.
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congratulate the members on the continued prosperity of the Branch.
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examinations made during the last few years the cord appeared to me
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prostitution openly, continue to do so secretly. But even such a change
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strument when well made, but it requires two hands to work and hold
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very strong pulsation in the carotid and subzygomatic arteries.
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the manufacture of some terrible instrument that has power to exterminate crowds
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Baboo Keshue Chunder Sen referred to the position of the Indian gra-
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the Association and of the Council of this Branch in relation thereto.
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to recognise, but we continue to believe that, however important their

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