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degeneration and necrosis of epithelial cells all suggest that measles
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So far as can be gathered active symptoms appeared in four different
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the Experimental Studies Relating to Ship Beri Beri and Scurvy
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The smaller colonies usually produced the smaller colonies but sometimes the larger
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gro man between thirty five and forty years of age who had
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tion shows the bacteria in the mixtures intact but dead so that no
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M. Reichcnbach s first essays of his newly discovered remedy were made
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tosis when the mixture of serum and staphylococci was heated after
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In the first group belong those cases showing vascular involve
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tion of faeculent matter in the bowel this necessarily irritates it and sooner
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Laboratory at Cincinnati Ohio. Represented in boston by
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a petri dish and melted agar poured in the plate. The plates were
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daily occur around him. It is truly a southern work in which
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my spleen often during this time which I discovered was re
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from habit or from the desire that sterility mav be overcome.
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muscular weakness retching and loss of appetite. It will be recalled
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of humoralism so that it has become almost sacrilege to say that
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case of the serum of a rabbit receiving four injections of live bacteria
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The solid heavy line in Chart i represents the opsonic index as
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Table 2 summarizes the results obtained by a closer study of this
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fact the experiments reported herewith show that the resistance of
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conducted but by cases in which the deductions are most
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passed urine which although not bloody might coagulate just
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haben. Tissier also observed bacterial forms in his microscopic
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organic issues h becomes stronger in proportion to its frequent
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It differs in effect from all otliers being pleasant
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reaction. The injection of 70 million on December 13 was more
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variably found air in the heart especially in the right ventricle
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aerobic litmus lactose gelatin generally in close agreement represents
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sion was that the intermittents which had prevailed the past
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facts could however be accounted for on physiological grounds.
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tion that persons killed in the excitement of a fight leave limp
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of the due quantity of ri i the b salthy and vigorous
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Relative Number of Bacteru in Gravity Creak. Centrifugal Creau and in
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hoidal tumours had arisen. These tumours remained swollen
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At first blush these results speak in favor of the opsonins being
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the weeding out of the more susceptible individuals. Then followed
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stead of vertical moreover the section of its upper part would
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part corresponding to the ischiatic notch. The man first allu
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gate the severity of the purging and afford some protection to
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ing enough added salt to make the chlorin test 140 parts per million.
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flection that the latter remedy had already several times failed
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Several causes have contributed to drop milksickness out of notice
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cutaneous and systemic have been observed in Chicago.
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The quantity often enormous of mucus which fills the trachea
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conspicuous phenomena as is evident on the soundest principles
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part of the period of inoculations. This is especially true of the
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must be placed outside of the limits of the excitable region.
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harmonizes better with the established facts in regard to these sub

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