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sawdust which are too small to section are sprinkled

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difficulty of this analysis and lower the level of preci

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and supporting data from the hair examiner before it is reported

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The development of the modern British police service

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ed for the various classes of flammable and combus

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Figure 6 Lighting used for photographing the results of heat

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private operatives and or individuals in the medical legal

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deceased. Erequently it is the capacity of the trained

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impacts on the professional appearance of the field of

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route must be established and all people not directly

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lower bowel is requiretl an enema injec tion into the bowels will be

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forensic recovery completely until daylight permits

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vertical midline gully in the upper lip is also a vari

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of the cadaver by the action of bacteria and enzymes.

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Focard. Major steps were made there to detect latent

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device that enables the simultaneous recording of a

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but even it dt es sometimes happen esixfially in a rhfumidic prson.

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