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tion. Psilocybin is readily absorbed from the GI tract
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available. As a rule each laboratory has to choose its
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ground generally inclining to one side more than the other.
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measurements from the fibers comprising the shirt all
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Redistribution. Drug content is normally reported as
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and driving the blood inward from the stirface. Some of the wast
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It allows students to present their ideas for challenge
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able technological improvement over earlier devices
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Dal Cason TA 1997 The characterization of some 3 4
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degree of drug absorption from the intestinal tract.
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crimes and to the basis for longer term variations in
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graphs may be misleading as some of the discoloration
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to a shoe may be more comparable to transfer to any
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the trapping reagent is the chemical reagent. In a two
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have a prohibited substance in any of its tissues body
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ing point analysis flaming tests etc. were employed.
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should not be treated as crimes. Once a determination
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selected and if necessary the distance between face
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known input signal is affected by the components of
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tate. In contrast the vesicular fluid which is more
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the style of the burglary is typical of one of a number
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toluene as significant losses may occur owing to the
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double row of papillae on the dermis is represented by
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which is squeezed into grooves will show intradermal
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ensic laboratories alternate light sources also referred
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Table 1 Main categories of self induced bodily harm
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tissue or bony trauma. Whereas in the past fat glo
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more efficient method of using chemical energy both
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Based on these differences a complex model has been
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file will consist of two different fragment lengths
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often have an emotional history of emotional depend
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which is an ultrafiltrate of interstitial fluid contains
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sarily proportional to the stated composition of the
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nent mounts on microscope slides. An entire collec
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ously described published studies. Factors weakening

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