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changes in the minute anatomy of the nerve cells do follow nerve section is

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first neutralized and the resultant precipitate removed, and the

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cover.--Price $3,00 a year in advance, $3,50 afler threo months, and t4«M If ttol V^ wHtti*

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Liability of persons to the disease. On the island of Ceylon

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cannot be a general one, it must be individual. The sanity of the con-

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ancient times boast of its hundred cities, is now a waste, tenanted by

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shows a swelling sharply defined and hard. On the second daytL ha

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with some permanent derangement of the digestive organs, the nature

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determinations were made by Allihn's method, the copper being

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An idea of the enormous size of the tumor may be obtained from the fact

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the microscopic characters of sarcoma is of grave prognostic

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Dr. Hibbitt : I do not see any indication whatever for doing a

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appear. A single area of degeneration may exist centrally, in one-^alf of the

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able as it may seem, it is nevertheless the case that contaminating micro-

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these deaths directly to the ether, and comes to the

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a “loyal volunteer’’ at the Richmond High Blood

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that, if j)roperly and determinedly carried out, and with a

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Cifelier Dr S B-, on hromide of potassium in croup 65

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Sonthvrest M. Rec, Houston, 1898, lii, no. 4, 508-513.—

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disease, are passed into the bladder once or twice daily,

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I have never seen it of sufficient extent to require

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conditions of men," especially those exposed out of

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Other observations record similarly conflicting views.

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into urea. There can be little doubt that these reactions are fermenta-

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begin to increase rapidly in number. Riots and assassinations of

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ogy for bumping into people, and pardons with a smile those

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Extent of deformity, subsequent to an operation of such magni-

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A catarrhal inflammation attacks the epithelium lin-

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has none of the bad effects of digitalis and all the good effects. In

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rhage ; about one inch and one-half above the chain

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diagnostic purposes, or which may have been removed in the treatment of

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that the purulent matter is absorbed under the influence of this

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the owner of such building; such consent to be renewed upon the first day of

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February 22d: Pulse, 66; temperature, 99** F. Still less headache; no nausea. Now

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the absence of delirium — he cannot imagine that the state of feebleness,

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to be blamed. We know that belladonna will, at times, produce a

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many important topics of discussion, that little benefit could be

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tion to defy the Medical Council, and now proceed to deny

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tory reported the presence of the streptococcus mu-

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ral dogs in a loose box with a bitch in heat and allowing them to fight for

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membranes almost constantly, to suffer much from catarrh. Besides

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