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decidedly of the opinion that the former was the fact was pre

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effects of lead are principally manifested in the sympathetic

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substance or the degree of sympathetic connection which the

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tempting to lift a load. After ineffectual attempts at reduction the use of

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is known as milk modification and is carried on in the

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the world some 12 or 15 years ago which consisted in allowing

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or is evacuated with the knife. The liberation of the pent up

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of stamina which now characterises so much of our American

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intense interest but of insuperable difficulty. Whilst nothing

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mother had been away from home some distance with the child

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may run through all its stages without the knowledge of the pa

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I would advise those of my medical brethren who intend visit

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undivided portion laid open by means of the grooved director and

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development of equivalent stress block parameters for fly-ash-based geopolymer concrete

gestion and irritation in its passage through the stomach and intestines. Yet

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removed from the germ bodies a hypothetical something necessary

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are concisely stated in a Treatise on Consumption and

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gated. This case apparently of no consequence proves that

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Lungs. The only appearances of note were great h3rperemia and edema in all

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been necessary definitely to determine whether the organism present

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his judgment. In these professions a good memory with great

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most perfect manner the movement of elevation and depression of the fluid

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ter having been accustomed to vegetable diet is suddenly charged with large

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end of an hour and a half the child gave a whimper the

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spreading be the superstructure it must fall before the light of

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ten in number situated over the region of the parotid gland.

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those who possess an organization similar to the one in question

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The chest is not well formed owing to the deformity of the

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striking against the first phalanx broke and became fixed there.

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The inhalation of a few drops of ether or chloroform is recom

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anatomy concerned as seems necessary to a correct view of the

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phagocytosis. For example the opsonic indices obtained in the usual

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with caution so as notrto wound the diseased parts.

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power in such a case. When done the truth depends for its

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the horse and rabbit and herbivorous animals generally.

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With decided anodyne and antispasmodic qualities they have been employed in Thypus

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face and that solids receive vibrations from aeriform media more easily

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warm or whilst the face expresses a disease almost inevitably mortal the

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the committee of the Philadelphia Medical Society appointed to

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uations made their escape almost continually instead of forcing

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lives have been deliberately and cruelly sacrificed by the most

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tion of urine the bladder becomes visibly and painfully distended and if this

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to the intervesicular pneumonia as four to one. With regard to

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suitable complement to make the amboceptor in dog serum lytically

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depending chiefly on the number introduced. As to whether the

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medicine is administered and then it frequently happens that

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be treated upon its own merits and its relief may remove the

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the Medical and Surgical Reporter relates the following

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A thick emulsion of the ground bacteria was made in 0.85 per

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Hypertrophy of the Uterus. It appears evident from this par

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benefit generally derived from them on the contrary the disease appears

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on the breast more rarely on the thighs arms and forearms. Their number

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the sudden cessation of pain in such cases she should never be

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and simply shows how much good glass will stand. We are

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is somewhat less infective for mice than that of mouse origin. Com

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and ricin with an extract of the poisonous mushroom Amanita

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things seem to be primarily responsible i impure lactose and 2

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of London assured me he had several times removed the whole

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to her domestic affairs without difficulty and at times the pain is

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ger caliber until the dilatator is permitted to enter which patients are found

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edges and under surface. Litmus paper applied to the tongue

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and three lines in thickness situated over the left scapula of a

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the ventricles increase the audibleness of the sounds. 3 That the first

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above alluded to assist in causing spinal irritation from the or

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It appears from this fact that there is an outer area which stains

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prevented the disordered state of the organs may be more safe

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the secretions its use is indicated in a wide range of diseases.

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Director of the Imperial Chemical Laboratory for Rhenish Prussia.

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Note. It is worthy of remark that the disease was aggra

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gastric excitement. The matter vomited was generally a de

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extend from the ensiform cartilage to a considerable way beyond

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not only by being accessary to his welfare but also in effecting

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as only tending to deteriorate the patient s system and to allow

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inwards this movement is in fact one of restitution for the hand

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Creosote is an oily colourless transparent liquid of a penetrating odour

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prolapsus i. e. unaccompanied with hypertrophy or uterine irrita

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dice place these in a pan in a moderate oven until they

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not quite unfounded. There are lying in charities in our own country in

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valent epidemic influenza thus alludes to the treatment.

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nerve where distributed through the vestibule and semi circular canals is

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is nearly three out of four the improvement commenced from the fifteenth to

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the literature and the suggestion of Metchnikoff has induced several

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afterwards they were exposed to the air to dry. They in fact

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The paper was accordingly so referred and the committee

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palliation of the symptoms and distresses it will not be calcula

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matic granules and in some cases even of spores although corresponding culturally.

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and relations It would be but a needless expenditure of reason to argue

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These results clearly demonstrated that B. typhosus grows readily

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the muscle of the ventricles is somewhat pale. Valves and endocardium are normal.

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scribed. The child is noticed either to be eyanosed or to

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Mr. M. gives the following very rational description of this

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convalescence was speedy. Extreme cases of course required

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do in the south No. We would have barely commenced.

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the feet which are backward and to the right side and brings

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the changes which supervene day by day and hour by hour. But although

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spine well sufficiently to allow examination by percussion

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vitiated innervation or spasmodic state from that resulting from

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to the side croup by warm wet cloths applied to the throat

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lion and fracture of the fourth and fifth vertebra of the

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fever region failed to take this disease as they were otherwise

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diagnosis The phenomena of reaction the strong pulse flushed face

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by an article in the British Medical Jo imal of October 25

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agonally through the proximal phalangeal articulation laying

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er up without injury to the peritoneum than is generally thought.

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stretched by Ellinger s dilator. This operation followed by

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infection. In practically all mice of the spore series the dose was made

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regarding the staining reaction varied from 39.4 per cent in Sub

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Prowazek 1904 places in the genus Herpetomonas two species

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ist was only authorized to speak for himself. He the essayist

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out the operation of other causes or influences not only fails to

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which for the want of some such convenient and suitable n

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squirrels are apt to be less virulent than where the infection has

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author is aware however that its use requires discretion as it

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the grotto of Geiss knok and one in the rocks of Guadeloupe

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zones will after several minutes application cause these zones to

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result of a majority perhaps of such abscesses is a fistula at

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and gangrenous color which induced him to enter the hospital. When Mr.

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of the tube beautiful small splendent yellow crystals.

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intercourse had always been painful and dreaded by her. The

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over that Segato in his presence tried the experiment of filing

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discovery of a hysterogen zone will at once remove all embar

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hundreds in these l T nitcd States whose practice if faithfully

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operation. In two or three oi our last cases we have been

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whether albumen is present or absent we have very little in that

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hand dislocated his thumb so that the bone of the first phalanx

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which almost daily occur brought about by the ignorant and

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patient s serum little or no such change occurred. Under the micro

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the foetus endangering its existence. The mixture of nitrous

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a slight painful swellirtg of the testicle but it gradually disappeared.

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water saturated with sulphuretted hydrogen in which twelve

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McCall 1822 describes with some detail the disease in a dog

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ral quantity and at other times only a scanty discharge for 24

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cellular tissue in a decidedly cancerous condition. The operation being

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However it seems possible that the social misery of the fourteenth

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ation which was followed by copious perspiration and relief to

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